Love Island viewers are convinced Amber’s dad is Jeremy Corbyn

In case you can't tell, the reality TV dad is the one on the right


At last, we’ve received an answer to that age-old question of reality TV: why have we never seen Jeremy Corbyn and Love Island’s Amber’s dad in the same room at the same time?


Viewers watching last night’s episode concluded that Amber’s dad Hef was the current Labour Leader because a) Hef is a man, and b) Hef has a grey beard. What more evidence do you need?

Hef’s appearance on the ITV2 reality show, coincidently a week after parliament closed for holiday, came as all the Islander’s parents were invited into the villa to meet contestants (“#parentalguidance #meettheinlaws”).

And although he was mainly there to give his blessing to Amber and Kem’s relationship, the many and not the few viewers were captivated by the similarity…

Unfortunately Hef/Jeremy probably won’t appear in tonight’s finale, but you never know, Theresa May’s hiking holiday could take a detour past the Villa’s valley. Keep your eyes peeled.

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The final of Love Island is on tonight at 9pm