Kaitlynn Anderson became the first casualty of ITV2's Love Island USA when her man Tre Forte chose to couple up with Justine Ndiba, loving Kaitlynn with 30 minutes to pack and leave the island.


"Kaitlynn, you are the only single islander and therefore you have been dumped from the villa," a message glaringly declared as she stood there alone, unloved and bereft, after Tre made his choice.

Cruel doesn't even begin to describe it. But Twitter wasn't showing her any love. The social media buzz was Justine all the way.

"Darzzz my guyyy"

If had have gone with Kaitlynn, the fans would not have forgiven him.

Not that they all trust him. Say what you mean...

Ahead of the recoupling single guy Tre struggled to decide between Kaitlynn and Justine.

While chatting to Johnny, Tre admitted that he wanted to pick the girl that he could be affectionate with.

Johnny said: “I know you are cool with both of them. You've got to make a decision based off of if someone comes in and shows that girl that you pick a little bit of attention, if they’re going to jump shop just because they are getting attention.”

Tre responded: “What I don’t want to happen, you’ve got Justine and Jeremiah in bed, they’re sharing a bed. But that’s all they are doing. Just sharing a bed.”

Johnny: “So you want to share a bed with someone you can cuddle with.”

Tre: “Yes exactly.”

Justine clearly had the cuddlability that Kaitlynn lacked, at least in Tre's eyes.

But how long will the hotness last?

Meanwhile, two new guys entered Love Island to stir up the emotions.

Kierstan and Moira both received a text telling them that they have been picked to go on dates, leaving their current partners, James and Carrington feeling unsettled.

Kierstan headed on a date with Caleb while Moira joined Calvin.

On meeting Caleb, Keirstan admitted that she was not expecting to go on a date so soon after recoupling with Carrington.

Kierstan said: “This is crazy, I did not expect to be on another date already.”

Caleb whispered seductively: “I’ve seen you on TV, you’re killing it, you're beautiful. Are you excited?”

Calvin and Moira's discussions soon turned to her relationship with James.

“So what’s the situation with James looking like?” he asked.

Moria replied: “James and I have already discussed that our heads won’t turn for newer people in the villa. Gosh I’m not good at this because you are so cute.”

James should be worried. Very worried.

Love Island USA returns to ITV2 on Friday at 9pm.


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