Love Island set for a dramatic dumping with a HUGE twist

More dramatic than a postcard from Casa Amor


We’ve seen a lot of underhand tactics on Love Island (mostly courtesy of Theo), but is tonight’s dumping giving us the biggest shock twist yet?


This evening’s show sees the results of last night’s vote, where viewers were asked to choose their favourite islanders – with new girl Georgia immune from the voting.

As everyone is told to gather around the fire pit (that always spells bad news) Marcel gets a text revealing who the four Islanders with the fewest votes are.

Camilla then gets a text: “The two islanders with the fewest votes now have a big decision to make. One of them will be dumped from the Island tonight and they must decide between themselves who that is.”


Yep, you read that correctly. The two least popular islanders will have to fight it out Hunger Games-style to see who has to leave the island. Let’s just hope the bottom two aren’t Theo and Jonny. They nearly had an actual fight last time and Marcel had to step in as peacemaker…

Either way, ITV have said that the islanders get “visibly emotional” at the big twist, which will undoubtedly rock the relationships between everyone in the villa.

Better pick up that popcorn on the way home tonight, people. This is going to get messy.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2