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Former Love Islander confirms contestants know who Gemma Owen's dad is

The islanders found out about Gemma's famous dad, Michael Owen, a few days into filming - and fans think the timing is suspicious.

Gemma Owen in Love Island 2022
Published: Monday, 27th June 2022 at 2:47 pm
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Former Love Island contestant Ikenna Ekwonna has confirmed that current contestants in the villa know the identity of Gemma Owen's famous father.


Speaking on Aftersun, Ikenna revealed that everyone in the villa learnt about Gemma's father, footballer Michael Owen, a few days into filming.

"We didn’t really know until like the second or third day," he said. "I don’t think the girls knew, like the guys knew."

Some fans have subsequently taken to social media to speculate that fellow contestant Luca Bish – who Gemma is currently coupled up with – only switched his attention to her after learning about her famous father.

"Omg Ikenna revealing they didn’t know until the second or third day that they knew about Micheal Owen & that the girls didn’t know they knew. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY LUCA CHANGED TO GEMMA SO ABRUPTLY I put my cards on it," one fan posted on Twitter.

"Luca’s behaviour makes sense now," a second fan wrote, following the Aftersun revelation.

"Ikenna just confirmed all the boys found out who Gemma’s dad is on the second or third day - weirdly, around the same time that Luca was suddenly into Gemma," another fan posted.

Ahead of Love Island 2022, Gemma revealed that her dad wasn't happy she signed up for the show, saying: "I still wouldn't say he was buzzing about the fact. But he's very supportive with whatever I decide to do.

"He didn't have a massive tantrum or anything like that. It was pretty chilled. He sort of trusts me not to do anything and not to embarrass him or anything like that. So I guess he took it quite well."

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