Love Island First Look: Twitter challenge leaves Molly-Mae upset

Could things be heating up between Lucie and Tommy?

Molly-Mae Love Island (ITV)

It was guaranteed to be one of the spiciest episodes, with tonight’s Love Island seeing the Islanders take part in the online Twitter challenge.


Titled ‘Online Buzz’, the Islanders were put into their couples to guess who was the subject of a series of tweets – revealing what people on the outside world were really thinking of them.

The task took its toll on Molly-Mae, who found herself bearing the brunt of several negative tweets, with one particularly savage fan claiming that the Instagram influencer was only on the show for the money.

“What am I meant to say?” she said as she reflected in the Beach Hut. “I’m a bit speechless.”

With Maura telling her to “stop caring”, a visibly irritated Molly-Mae replied, “To say someone is in here for money is just rude.”

Things went from bad to worse for Molly-Mae, while another tweet teased that Tommy and Lucie were “meant to be” – something that Lucie didn’t dismiss.

Lucie Love Island (ITV)

When quizzed by Maura whether she’d ever consider dating Tommy, Lucie responded, “I have gone on to date guys I have been friends with.

“I don’t know. We could say [never say never].”

Elsewhere, Anton admitted to the fellow Islanders that he believed Molly-Mae could be faking her feelings for Tommy, and was even happy to bet on the pair breaking up in the villa.

“It’s only my opinion on it, they might prove us wrong,” he confided in Curtis. “But they won’t last in this villa. 100 per cent, I’d put money on it.”

However, Tommy himself believes in his relationship, telling Anton that he thinks Molly-Mae is entirely genuine.

Looks as if things are about to get very interesting…


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