She’s one of the latest contestants to be dumped from the Love Island winter villa, but Sophie Piper has no worries about her love life.


The 21-year-old – who was sent packing on Sunday night’s episode – hopes to rekindle her romance with Connor Durman, who she was coupled up with on the show before he was dumped.

Speaking to after leaving the villa, she said: “I can’t wait to see Connor when I get back, it would be nice to go on a few dates and see what happens.”

She added: “I am very nervous to speak to him. I keep thinking, ‘Will he even answer a DM?’ because I don’t have his number! I am so excited to speak to him and see him.

“It would be nice to think we can pick up where we left off. It’d be starting from the beginning and going on dates.”

Last week, Connor was dumped from the villa after the islanders decided to save Sophie instead of him in a shock dumping.

Shaughna and Sophie later locked horns, as the former questioned Sophie’s motive for staying despite Connor having left.

So, why didn’t Sophie walk with Connor?

“I definitely was debating it because I just thought, there’s no way I can get to know someone else like I did with him all over again. I didn’t want to either. But at the same time, I didn’t want my experience to end from me leaving off my own back so that’s why I wanted to stay,” she explained.

Sophie and Connor
Love Island's Sophie and Connor (©ITV) ITV

Despite not leaving with her man, Sophie admits she has no regrets about her journey on the ITV show – apart from lying to Connagh Howard about kissing Connor when they were coupled up.

She said: “The only thing I regret is saying the false truth to Connagh about me kissing Connor. In situations like that, I get nervous. That’s the only thing I’d change because he’s such a lovely boy.”

On the topic of “game playing”, Sophie pointed all but one finger towards Mike Boateng, saying: “The only tiny game player would be Mike because some of his moves don’t add up, but I’m sure he doesn’t mean anything maliciously.”

With the other, she seemed to sway towards Luke Trotman – who is coupled up with Siannise Fudge – as she thinks his head could turn when Casa Amor returns tonight.

“I feel like Luke T will have his head turned. I think Siânnise would be loyal, but I feel his head could turn,” she revealed.

We didn’t see that coming!


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