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Love Island couples must decide who they want to dump from the island

Marcel brands it "the worst bombshell" ever to hit the villa – this isn't going to be pretty

Published: Friday, 21st July 2017 at 2:30 pm

When will the Love Island couples learn that the second there's harmony in the villa, drama is just around the corner?


Just as it looks like Montana and Gabby have made up and all is well with the islanders, Gabby gets a text that instructs everyone that they must vote in secret for the couple that they want to see dumped from the island.

Here's the text in full...

“Islanders, tonight each couple will secretly vote for one other couple that they think should be dumped from the Island. You must now discuss in your couples who you’re going to choose and why, before submitting your decision by text. You must not discuss your decision with anyone else. The couples with the most votes face being dumped from the island. #thefinalcountdown”

They each have to submit the results of their secret vote via text, and whoever they chose will be put at risk of leaving.


On hearing what they have to do, Marcel says: "That’s the worst bombshell that has ever been dropped into this villa."

He's not wrong. It's a particularly cruel twist now that there are only five pairs left in the villa; most of them have been on the show from the start and have formed strong friendships.


Gabby says: “Out of all the couples now there’s not one person who I want to go.” Nope, not even Montana and Alex.

But who will get the most votes and be at risk of being dumped? We'll have to wait until 9pm to find out.

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Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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