Love Island: Australia’s Cassidy has a decision to make as she’s caught in triangle

There's (more) trouble in paradise!

Love Island: Australia

It’s only day four on Love Island: Australia, but it looks like heads are already turning.


On the season one episode  – which will air tonight on ITV2 – a lot of couples appear to be under fire, as two new bombshells arrive in the villa and the Islanders play a game of Truth and Dare.

Personal trainer Elias and DJ John James, who many may recognise from appearing on Big Brother in 2010, turn up at the villa and they both have their eye on Cassidy.

Confused Cass later reveals in the Beach Hut: “I am genuinely baffled. Maybe this is alarm bells? Maybe this is Australia giving me a hint that he is not as honest as he’s told me he is.”

The dates come after she confronted her other half Grant – who she’d learnt had recently told Tayla he wanted to kiss her despite being coupled up.

So, Grant might have some grovelling to do once she gets back from these dates if he doesn’t want to lose his girl.

And it’s not just Grant and Cassidy who might have a little trouble in paradise as a game of Truth or Dare leaves Josh contemplating his future with Kim.

During the game, Eden asks Kim “Truth or Dare” and Kim chooses “Truth”.

Love Island: Australia's Tayla, Grant and Cassidy

Eden then asks Kim while Josh is present: “Are there any actual real feelings for Josh?” to which she responds: “I don’t have any connections with anyone yet, but I form connections over time after I get to know people.”

He continues to question Kim as he wants to know why she chose Josh.

“It was a process of elimination. That’s why I chose him. I couldn’t see one forming with Justin but I could potentially with him,” she says which doesn’t seem to well with Josh who was keen to move forward with her but is no longer confident about his feelings for him.

Chatting with Kim on the day beds, Josh later asks: “Where is your head at, at the moment?”

“The whole couple thing doesn’t mean anything at this point. I’m getting to know everyone,” she tells him.

Feeling positive, he replies: “I definitely want to keep hanging out with you. I feel like it’s going quite good.”

Will Josh and Kim’s relationship finally begin to blossom, or could they be heading down the same road as Cass and Grant?


Love Island: Australia is on ITV2 at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.