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After a very, busy eight weeks in the Love Island villa, it was time for the Love Island 2022 final to take place.

Tonight (Monday, 1st August) one of the remaining couples in the Love Island 2022 line-up was crowned this year's champions, as they joined the Love Island winners hall of fame, taking over from Millie Court and Liam Reardon as the reigning champs.

It was up to viewers to decide who they wantd to win this year, with fans getting a chance to vote for their favourite couple twice. The first vote closes at 8:45pm ahead of the final episode. The vote opened again during the show.

These votes wiere added together, after which Laura Whitmore revealed who come in fourth, third, second and first place.

For the first time in the show's history, Laura revealed that the prize money would be split this year as the usual twist was scrapped for 2022, meaning there'd be no chance of one of the islanders doing a runner with the £50,000 cash prize - not that that's ever happened on the show before, but this is Love Island and anything can happen!

Season eight began with a brand new Love Island twist, which saw the public picking the starting couples, and set the show off with a bang.

The 2022 series continued to get even better as Gemma's ex Jacques O'Neill was brought into the villa to shake things up. And it didn't stop there, with one of the most explosive Casa Amor recouplings the series has ever seen, as six new couples were formed on the night. This made for a very packed villa, which was eventually tidied up with a few shock dumpings and public votes. But that didn't stop the show chucking in new(ish) bombshells, with Adam Collard returning for 2022.

His comeback made us think of all the Love Island contestants they should have brought back for season 8, including the one an only Irish bombshell, Maura Higgins!

Sadly, Jacques O'Neill quit Love Island following Casa Amor drama. Nevertheless, the show went on, with the couples getting stronger and stronger as the series progressed.

From arguing across the villa to a cute wine making date, Ekin-Su and Davide gave us some of their best moments this year.

And who can forget the infamous movie night, which saw Dami's three-way kiss splashed across the screen in 4K, and Andrew and Coco's antics revisited.

Sunday night's show saw Adam Collard and Paige Thorne become the latest couple to leave Love Island, after receiving the fewest votes from the public.

That meant this year's finalists were: Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti, Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri, and Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope.

But only one couple could emerge victorious, with 76 per cent of fans predictig that Davide and Ekin-Su would win Love Island.

So, who won Love Island 2022? And who came in second, third and fourth place?

With the Love Island final now complete, here's our full recap of all the events - from the Love Island 2022 Summer Ball, to the moment this year's winners were revealed.

It was one heck of a night!

  • It's a wrap!

    And that's all for season 8.

    Thanks for joining us for our live blog! It's been a brilliant night and we hope to see you again next year - this time twice, as we're treated to not one, but two seasons of Love Island.


    Love Island final
  • And the winners are...

    The wait is finally over. After eight weeks, Laura Whitmore reveals the 2022 winners as Ekin-Su and Davide.

    Congratulations, Ekinde!

  • Celebs they're just like us

    Before the winners are announced, some famous Love Island have a few words to say. From Sarah Hyland to and Sam Thompson the celebs share their well wishes for the finalists.

  • A look back at Gemma and Luca's Love Island journey

    From their first kiss to their final date, Gemma and Luca's best moments are shown before the couple sit down for a chat with Laura in which Luca reveals that he knew it was Gemma from day one - cute!

    Gemma feels the same, gushing that she knew he was a "bit of me."

    Conversation turns to exclusivity, with the couple revealing that they've got a special day planned to make it official.

    Could these be the Love Island 2022 winners?

    Luca and Gemma on Love Island

    Luca and Gemma on Love Island

  • Welcome back!

    Laura Whitmore gets chatting to the final two couples.

    Ekin-Su and Davide are first as their best moments in the villa are shown, from Ekin-Su's bombshell arrival, to their first argument, Casa Amor and their epic dates.

    It's been a rollercoaster ride for this fiery couple, but they proved that they're in it to for the long haul.

    Asked whether they thought they'd be in the final together, Davide admits he didn't see it, but he couldn't he happier.

    In terms of the future, Davide wants to bring Ekin-Su to Italy to meet his parents - aww!

    Davide and Ekin-Su

    Davide and Ekin-Su

  • Who will be the winners of Love Island 2022?

    It's just left with Ekin-Su and Davide, and Gemma and Luca, but who do you think will win this year's show? (Our money's on Ekinde!)

    It's time for a quick break after which Laura will be chatting to the two couples about their time in the villa, before announcing the 2022 champions.

  • It's time to reveal the couple in third place

    AND it's Indiyah and Dami!

    The duo chat to Laura about their time in the villa - in particular their split during Casa Amor - but it's all love.

    Well done, guys!

    Love Island's Dami and Indiyah

    Love Island's Dami and Indiyah

  • And the couple in fouth place is...

    It's back and the results are in and the couple in fourth place is: Tasha and Andrew - congratulations, guys!

  • The vote is now closed

    And that's it - the vote has closed for 2022.

    The couple in fourth place will be announced after the break, so don't go far.

    May the best heartbreaker win!

  • A look back at season 8

    Laura Whitmore takes a break as we're given a look back at season 8. From Davide shouting "Liar actress" at Ekin-Su, to the start of Damiyah and the infamous Casa Amor antics, we're reminded of some of the best moments to take place this year.

    David Sanclimenti "Liar actress" gif

    Davide Sanclimenti

  • Last chance to vote!

    You've got about seven minutes to have your say on who you think should win Love Island this year.

    Get to the Love Island app and place your votes!

  • And we're live from the villa

    Laura Whitmore is joined around the fire pit by the Love Island finalists, as they talk about their time in the villa.

    Ekin-Su says she's happy she's met her Italian Stallion, while Gemma and Luca can't believe they're together.

    Meanwhile, Dami says he always knew it was Indiyah, while Andrew and Tasha say they fancied each other from the start - cute!

  • It's show time

    It's now time for the islanders to show off the dance moves they learnt earlier today, before the traditional jump into the pool and that puts and end to the islander's final day in the villa.

  • Last but not least

    Andrew and Tasha are last to read their speeches and we can't get enough of these two!

    She thanks Andrew for accepting her "superpower" and doing sweet things for her like taking out her cochlear implant at night.

    Meanhile he admits that the first night he fell in love with her is when she opened up about her "super power" calling her "brave."

    Guys, stop it!

  • Ekinde

    Davide and Ekin-Su share their declarations, and it's just as fiery as we imagined, with Davide telling her that he knew that good things are not easy! We just love them.

  • #Damiyah

    And Indiyah said it was Dami who had a way with words. As she reads out her declaration, telling him how much she loves him, Dami becomes very teary-eyed.

    He returns the favour by revealing how much he loves her.

    As he reveals he wants to spend the "Summer, Autumn and Winter with her" there's a slight pause upon hearing Summer's name, but he redeems himself. So cute!

  • It's time for the speeches

    Grab the tissues because it's time for the speeches and Gemma is up first.

    She tells Luca how much she's enjoyed their time together, admitting that he's brought out a "softer" side to her.

    Luca's up next, and it's another beautiful speech as he tells the dressage rider that he hopes that she will become more than his best friend outside of the villa.

    No you're cyring!

  • Dressed to kill

    The Love Island boys are dressed in their suit and bow ties, and they're waiting for the girls to return.

    First to arrive is Tasha who looks stunning a black number.

    "You look unreal," Andrew says as the pair share a kiss.

    Indiyah is next in a fish tail white gown that is giving everything that it needs to give.

    Then walks in Gemma in a black split thigh dress, and she can't stop smiling as she lays eyes on Luca.

    Last but not least is Ekin-Su in a gorgeous satin gown.

    "You look beautiful," Davide says before Andrew pops open a bottle of champagne.

  • Fab four

    Before they choose their outfits, it's a relaxing spa day for the girls as they write their speeches. Indiyah says Dami has a way with words, while Tasha is certain she'll be crying tonight.

    Back in the villa, the boys are working on their declarations of love... and Luca is lost for words.

  • Shopping time!

    The girls receive a text telling them to head off on a shopping trip to pick their outfits for the Summer Ball.

    We can't wait to see them get all glammed up!

  • It takes two to Tango!

    As is Love Island tradition, it's time for a dance class, and Tasha is a natural!

    The others tried, too.

    Love Island Summer Ball dance lesson
    Love Island Summer Ball dance lesson ITV
  • Laura's in the building

    And it's begun! Laura Whitmore is live from the Love Island villa, but first lets take a look at the islander's last day in the villa...

    The girls are treated to a little Bucks Fizz in bed before Tasha receives a text telling them to make their way to the garden for a dance lesson.

  • It's time!

    The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here!

    Love Island's Wes Nelson
  • 10 minutes to go!

    We're getting closer and closer to the Love Island 2022 final, so this is our last warning before we're reunited with our season eight cast.

  • The vote is about to close!

    The first vote closes at 8:45pm just before the show kicks off at 9pm.

    Make sure you get your first vote in before time runs out!

    You will get a second chance to vote later in the show.

  • Love Island Reality Check

    Ahead of the Love Island final, we spoke to former finalist Megan Barton-Hanson for our Love Island Reality Check video series, and she didn't hold back when it came to this year's islanders.

    "I just feel like, you know how Paige was with Jacques and then he left and now she's completely different with Adam? And like the way Ekin-Su is with Davide. That's somewhere you can tell these girls are properly into these men. I just think that with her, she's a bit cold with him. I just feel sorry for him because when he gets out, it's all going to be downhill from there – bless him."

    You can watch the full clip below:

  • Half an hour to go!

    Have you got your snacks ready? And have you put your phone on DND?

    The Love Island final is about to start in 30 mins, and for this we're going to need full concentration!



  • How long is tonight's episode of Love Island?

    As it's the final episode for season 8, fans are being well and truly spoiled to a full 95 minutes of Love Island.

    As usual, we'll get to see the contestants' last day in the villa, which will include the annual prom. For this, all the islanders will be taught a dance routine and get all glammed up. They will then have to recite a declaration of love for their other half - grab the tissues because this could get very emosh!

    For more on what time the Love Island final starts tonight, see here.

  • One hour to go!

    This is your one hour warning for the Love Island 2022 final!

  • Margot Robbie gives her yearly Love Island review

    Did you know that Margot Robbie is a huge Love Island fan?

    The Barbie actress regularly tunes into the ITV2 dating series, and this year she's backing Davide and Ekin-Su.

    Speaking in an interview, she said: "Paige has probably been my favourite – but for pure entertainment I think Davide and Ekin-Su have made the season."

    Could Ekinde be this year's winners?