Love Island fans in shock as Mike makes a play for Sophie moments after Leanne split

We didn’t see this coming!


Love Island viewers couldn’t believe their eyes last night, as Mike Boateng appeared to move on from Leanne Amaning just moments after parting ways.


In a preview clip for tonight’s episode, it looked as though the 24-year-old had fully recovered from their split, as less than 24 hours later, he appeared to make a play for Sophie Piper – who has been left single since her partner Connor Durman left on Monday.

In a teaser for Wednesday’s episode, Sophie told Mike: “Just because you two didn’t work, it doesn’t mean it can’t work with someone else who comes in.”

At which point, Mike responded: “Why someone who comes in? Why not someone who’s already here?”

Realising what he was getting at, a surprised Sophie was then seen raising her hand to her chest, as she flashed a cheeky smile.

And in a later conversation with Callum Jones, when Sophie’s name was brought up, Mike was seen declaring: “I’m going in all guns blazing.”

Mike’s comments caused quite a stir from fans, as they rushed to Twitter to voice their opinions.

“Is Mike gonna make moves on Sophie?? LMAO,” one wrote.

“Mike and Sophie no one expected that,” another said.

“Had a small feeling Mike would move to Sophie fast fast,” tweeted one fan. “No brainer really. Just glad he kept it moving. No point begging for a second chance.”

Others implied that there had been something all along between the duo, with one writing: “Remembering Mike’s heart rate was the highest for Sophie, it all makes sense now #Loveisland.”

But while many supported Mike’s decision, others weren’t impressed.


Commenting on Sophie and Leanne’s close friendship, one said: “Big Mike is like why wait for new girls, when someone in the house isn’t coupled up. Sophie and Leanne are super close, this is about to get awkward real fast.”

Another added: “I’m so sorry but Mike is the biggest game player – if your feelings for Leanne were that intense that u felt mislead how are you loving onto Sophie that quick?”

Mike’s sudden change of heart comes after Leanne broke it off with him on Tuesday night’s episode.

Following Connor’s departure on Monday, Leanne, 22, began to have second thoughts, and last night, she finally called it quits after confessing to Sophie and Jess Gale that she’d “got the ick”.

In the preview clip for tonight’s episode, it was announced that one girl would be going home after a recoupling.

So, with Mike moving on to Sophie, could Leanne be sent packing?


Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm