Lord Sugar makes TWO unprecedented moves in tonight’s jam-packed The Apprentice

Hold onto your hard hats, tonight’s Apprentice sees Lord Sugar “do something very unusual”

Lord Sugar will make not one, but two unprecedented moves in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice.


Yes, it really is this surprising.

The remaining thirteen candidates are set to take on a handy man-themed task this Wednesday. From trying to nab odd DIY jobs here and there, to fighting over commercial contracts, the candidates must grab their tools and quite literally get their hands dirty.

When it comes to the boardroom, it’s Lord Sugar who’s throwing a spanner in the works. In fact, the end of last week’s episode teased something rather unexpected was on the way as the show reaches its midway point.

“Forget all that joking, messing about,” Lord Sugar warned. “I’m going to do something very unusual here.

“I’m sick and tired of this,” he continued before adding those fateful words: “You’re fired.”


Find out exactly what happens in The Apprentice this Wednesday 11th November from 9pm on BBC1.