Last year’s Love Island winner Nathan Massey spots his water bottle in the villa

Is the ITV2 dating show into recycling?


Love Island’s producers may not always have its contestants’ best interest at heart, but at least they’re doing their bit to save the planet.


Last night, 2016 winner Nathan Massey spotted that his personalised water bottle from the previous year had been recycled for newcomer Nathan.

ITV2 then refused to deny the accusation, choosing instead to plead the fifth amendment of the US constitution, or the right to remain silent.

It’s no wonder Massey is upset: had he managed to hold on to his he may have made a tidy profit. The personalised bottles have become wrapped up in the hysteria surrounding the show, leading many viewers to seek out replicas of their own. The Love Island app is selling them for £18.40.

But before we put the show’s producers to the sword, we must consider one alternative sequence of events: it’s entirely possible that new Nathan’s bottle just happens to look the exact same as Massey’s old bottle because they share the same name. Just a hunch.