Meet the contestants of Junior Bake Off 2021: Full line-up revealed

The next generation of star bakers is here.

Junior Bake Off 2021 contestants

You can never have too much Bake Off in your life, which is why fans are delighted to have full new series of Junior Bake Off so soon after the recent Great British Bake Off Christmas specials.


This spin-off from the popular culinary competition sees a group of youngsters, each with their own baking specialties, be put to the test in the famous white tent.

Their efforts will be judged by former Bake Off contestant Liam Charles and pastry chef Ravneet Gill, while Harry Hill will be keeping them calm with his friendly and comical presenting style.

So, who are the Junior Bake Off contestants? Check out our complete list below with everything you need to know ahead of this year’s series.

Heat A

Sicily, 10

Sicily, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Sicily? Sicily got into baking from an early age, inspired by her nan’s delicious chocolate fudge cake. At just 10 years old, she is already creating ambitious bakes, but that isn’t her only hobby. As a Devon resident, it should be no surprise that she likes spending time on the beach as well as going rollerblading with her friends.

Naima, 10

Naima, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Naima? Naima was also first introduced to the world of baking by her grandmother, although her initial pudding of choice was a vanilla sponge cake. These days, she has a varied list of recipes in her skillset, from lemon drizzle to scones. Naima lives in South London and has one brother, who she is best friends with.

Henry, 11

Henry, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Henry? Henry is from Hertfordshire and has a wide array of hobbies that include playing the flute, sewing, drawing and even creating his own languages. That creativity comes in handy while creating delicious baked treats. Henry is particularly keen to improve his decoration skills.

Will, 12 

Will, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Will? Will enjoys creating quirky and experimental bakes from his kitchen in West Yorkshire, with a particular talent for illusion cakes. His nan first got him into baking, but he has since gone on to teach himself using online videos.

Toby, 13

Toby, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Toby? Toby started learning about baking from his mum and eldest sister, which helped grow his passion for flavoursome treats. He lives in Cambridge and his specialty is pavlova. In his spare time, he likes learning statistics about his favourite TV shows and regularly goes to church to share his bakes with friends.

Zack, 13

Zack, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Zack? Zack got into baking from a young age under the tutelage of his mother and grandmother, but he too now uses the internet to further hone his skills. He lives in Leeds with his family who often get to enjoy his bakes, including traditional Jewish Challah and elaborate birthday cakes for his younger brother.

Maddi, 14

Maddi, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Maddi? After first learning to bake from her grandmother’s traditional cookbook, Maddi has started to take the hobby more seriously over the last two years. She is particularly good at classic treats like Victoria Sponge cakes and scones, but has also learnt some more contemporary deserts such as cookie butter cheesecake. Maddi lives in Gateshead and aspires to be an interior designer.

Safiyyah, 14

Safiyyah, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Safiyyah? Safiyyah has a creative baking style, often coming up with interesting new flavours in the kitchen such as her original super spiced coffee and chocolate cake. She lives in Reading with her two sisters, who are both also keen bakers. Safiyyah particularly enjoys making Macarons and cheesy bread.

Heat B

Fyn, 10

Fyn, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Fyn? Fyn lives in Hampshire and first got into cooking by creating grand bakes with his surrogate grandmother once a week. He particularly likes making so-called “healthy cakes” using fruit and vegetables from his granny’s plot. Recently, he has been making cinnamon rolls and hot cross buns to share with his school friends. His other hobbies include rollerblading, football, painting and playing the guitar.

Fern, 10 

Fern, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Fern? Fern lives in Merseyside and often creates bakes for her older sister, who she dubs her “Official Taste-Tester”. She’s been getting ready for the Bake Off experience for some time as her gran would often set her technical baking challenges to tackle from home. Her current goal is to master making bread, recently creating a rainbow loaf to honour NHS workers during the pandemic. She loves science and hopes to be a paediatrician when she is older.

Sophia, 10

Sophia, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Sophia? Although Sophia has only been baking for a couple of years, she has quickly picked up the skills to create some delicious bakes. She throws herself into unfamiliar recipes and enjoys mastering them, including dishes from her Ukrainian heritage such as Medovik. Sophia lives in Hertfordshire and also enjoys drama, frequently appearing in her school plays.

Cece, 14

Cece, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Cece? Cece has been baking since she was eight years old, recently focusing on technically challenging creations such as a Japanese cheesecake. She lives in Kent and when she isn’t in the kitchen, she enjoys dancing and playing pranks on her younger brother.

Reece, 14

Reece, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Reece? Baking is particularly special to Reece, who first picked up the hobby when his mother was ill. He believes it’s “a way of showing someone you’re there for them” and has since learned a number of recipes, with choux pastry being his specialty. Reece currently lives in Leicestershire but likes to drawn on his Indian heritage for inspiration while baking, often using spices and Indian sweets in his recipes.

Erin, 13

Erin, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Erin? Erin is one of three triplets and first got into baking from a very young age, when her mother was looking for ways to keep she and her siblings entertained. She is now confident with all areas of baking, but is most proud of her Danish pecan and maple pastries which went down a treat at her auntie’s 50th birthday party. From Worcestershire, Erin loves animals and hopes to become a Zoologist.

Robbie, 15

Robbie, Junior Bake Off
Channel 4

Who is Robbie? Robbie is another young baker who was initially inspired to take up the hobby by his grandmother. Since then, he’s become particularly accomplished at cinnamon buns and salted caramel, with his older brother among his biggest fans. Robbie lives in Bristol and is a big part of his community, playing for a local football team, participating in a theatre group and helping to organise his village fete.

Charlie, 10

Channel 4

Who is Charlie? Charlie is from Worcestershire and first started baking alongside his mum and grandma, whose legendary flapjack recipe has helped him win a local competition on two occasions. His other specialties include challenging technical bakes such as Battenberg cakes and Swiss rolls. Outside of baking, Charlie also likes cars, coding, technology and football.


Junior Bake Off returns to Channel 4 on Monday 11th January. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.