Joel Dommett hosts new Channel 4 dating show The Love Trap, featuring Too Hot to Handle’s David

Love Trap will air on Channel 4 from Wednesday 20th October, with a very familiar face looking for romance.

joel dommett love trap

TV presenter Joel Dommett is set to host Channel 4’s new dating show The Love Trap, featuring Too Hot To Handle‘s David Birtwistle.


The series will see David looking for love with a mansion full of beautiful women waiting for him, but there’s a twist: only half of the women are genuinely seeking romance, while the others are in relationships and playing for a big cash prize.

That’s not all, as in each episode David will eliminate one contestant, but they won’t be leaving through the front door. Instead, they’ll be leaving through the floor when they’re dumped, quite literally, through a trapdoor. We assume that a safe landing awaits them after they fall – this isn’t Squid Game.

Viewers may recognise David from series one of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. Unfortunately, David didn’t find love on THTH, so he’s hoping to find the lady of his dreams now, saying: “She has to be outgoing, and fun, and bubbly – I want a best friend as well as a partner. And someone who’s driven, that they want to achieve in their life, and they want to go places.”

david love trap

David is also a personal trainer and he says that one of his skills is reading people, saying that he “gets a feel for people’s energy from their body language”. That should mean that he is well equipped to deduce who is fake and who is legit.

But he will have eight beautiful women to choose from when the show starts, so will he regret saying that he can suss people out, or will he emerge from this reality show with love that will go the distance? We’ll find out when The Love Trap kicks off next week!


The Love Trap starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 20th October at 10pm. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.