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“It really annoys me!” Ricky Wilson clashes with on The Voice tells his fellow coach not to get “bent out of shape” after they row over who should have turned for rock singer Billy Black

Published: Saturday, 23rd January 2016 at 8:05 pm

It was handbags at dawn on The Voice tonight as Ricky Wilson and clashed over rocker Billy Black.


None of the coaches turned for the singer from Sunderland and, as far as was concerned, it was Ricky who should have spun: a rock mentor for a rock act.

But after told Billy “I was hoping that Ricky would have turned” it lit a fire under the Kaiser Chiefs front man.

“Why do you do that? Why do you always do that Will? I never go down the line when it’s someone I think you should have turned for. I never say you should have turned for it. I’m not judging you on who you are, your style of music or anything, it just makes me feel really… it just really annoys me.”

The audience came in with some perfectly timed pantomime ‘oos’ as held his hands up.

“You can’t get bent out of shape for my opinion. You can’t let that ruffle your feathers.”

“Calm down, you’re both pretty,” Boy George attempted to interject as he and Paloma Faith did Wimbledon-style head moves between the two. But the two coaches had more to say.

“He’s doing rock, you do rock, he probably came on this show thinking ‘OK there’s somebody on this show who’s right for this lane who represents what I’m doing,’” explained. “You don’t have to turn for it, but that being said I just can’t keep my lips shut, I have to say how I feel. I’m not going to sit here and be fake.”

Even co-host Emma Willis looked stunned when added: “I wish Ricky would have turned, I’m sorry I will never mention your name again.”

But Ricky stuck to his guns: “Everything I turn for I have to truly believe will win the show. I just didn’t believe that would win the show so I didn’t turn. That’s the honest, honest answer.”

Ricky then told Billy to keep on rocking, before wandering over to to give him a bit of a ‘let’s make-up back slap’.

Perhaps they missed their tea break?


The Voice continues next Saturday on BBC1


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