Will there be a second season of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking? Release date and latest news

Everything you need to know about season two of the dating documentary series.

Sima Taparia in Indian Matchmaking

Few Netflix original series have been so hotly debated like Indian Matchmaking, the eight-part dating docuseries which arrived on the platform in July.


The series follows “Mumbai’s top matchmaker” Sima Taparia as she finds her clients their perfect match based on their interests, ambitions and parents’ criteria, and although the show is currently one of Netflix’s most-watched titles, Indian Matchmaking recently attracted criticism over its portrayal of arranged marriages and colourism.

Those who’ve watched Indian Matchmaking will know that season one left viewers on a cliffhanger, with Taparia’s new client Richa listing the qualities she wants in a future husband.

Will the series, created by Oscar-nominated director Smriti Mundhra, return for a second season? Will we discover who Richa has been matched with?

Here’s everything you need to know about Indian Matchmaking season 2.

Will there be a season 2 of Indian Matchmaking?

Netflix has not yet announced whether Indian Matchmaking will return for a second series of awkward dates, perfect matches and Sima Taparia working her magic.

The streaming giant tends to take six-to-eight weeks before announcing the next season of a show, and since season one only arrived on 16th July, there’s still some time to wait.

However, since season one ends on a cliffhanger, with client Richa yet to meet her match, it’s possible parts of a second series have already been filmed.

Speaking to The Oprah Magazine, creator Smriti Mundhra said she purposefully ended the season on a cliffhanger, adding: “That’s our little wink to Netflix to give us another season, please.”

She added; “I truly hope that we’re lucky enough to get a second season.”

We’ll update this page as and when the streamer releases any updates, so watch this space.

When will season 2 of Indian Matchmaking be released?

Akshay in Indian Matchmaking
Akshay in Indian Matchmaking

If Indian Matchmaking is renewed for a second series, it’s hard to tell when it’s likely to land on our screens.

Season one saw Sima Taparia match couples from all over the world, with viewers meeting millennial singles in New Jersey, Mumbai, Houston and Chicago. Therefore, filming another series amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could be tricky in the current climate.

However, we saw a number of FaceTime dates take place in the last series, so it’s possible that the show could be filmed remotely.

What is Indian Matchmaking?

Indian Matchmaking is a dating documentary series on Netflix in which Mumbai marriage consultant Sima Taparia pairs her single clients with their perfect match based on their personal preferences and sometimes their parents’ criteria.

The eight-part series saw various clients of Sima’s travel across the world to date other singles of Indian decent, with some meetings ending successfully and others turning into an awkward disaster.

The show has been criticised by many viewers for portraying “fair skin” as a desirable trait in a match, and for perpetuating sexist and classist stereotypes, with one viewer describing the show as “a cesspool of casteism, colourism, sexism and classism”.

Doctor Who star Mandip Gill also condemned Indian Matchmaking, taking to Twitter last week to tell her follows about how the show “stressed [her] out within the first 60 seconds”, before adding: “She said you’ll come to see her fair skin. I’m done! Get outta here with your flipping s**t show!”

The creator of Indian Matchmaking, Smriti Mundhra, addressed the criticism by telling Decider that they “were not trying to shy away from any uncomfortable conversations”.

She continued: “We’re not going to prod and push our cast to sensationalise anything, or bring up anything that’s not authentically part of their process or their experience. If they bring things up, if they talk about certain things…we’re not going to go out of our way to hide anything. I think that’s really important.

“My hope is that it will spark a lot of conversations that all of us need to be having in the South Asian community with our families — that it’ll be a jumping off point for reflections about the things that we prioritise, and the things that we internalise,” she added.

Indian Matchmaking cast

Indian Matchmaking
Indian Matchmaking

While a potential series two will undoubtedly involve a new cast of singles, Sima Taparia is likely to return to act as a brutally direct matchmaker.

It’s hard to guess as to who will take part in season two (if the show is renewed), but creator Smiriti Mundhra told The Oprah Magazine that she wants to improve the diversity of participants in season two.

“Now that people know what to expect [from Indian Matchmaking], I suspect there are going to be people who will reach out to us for season two, who want to be on the show specifically to bring up issues — whether it’s patriarchy, colourism, or religious diversity.”


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