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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2014: Kendra Wilkinson

The former Playboy bunny and "complete wuss" is hoping to shake up her life before she hits 30 by heading Down Under...

Published: Tuesday, 11th November 2014 at 2:48 pm

Name: Kendra Wilkinson


Age: 29

Kendra says: "I want some eye candy. I want to get some jungle fever. Do you know what I am saying? Wink, wink!"

Famous, why? For being Hugh Hefner's girlfriend and starring in her own reality TV shows...

Bio: Party girl Kendra met Hugh Hefner in 2004 at his 78th birthday party where she was wearing nothing but paint. She clearly impressed the adult media mogul, moving into his Playboy mansion and starring as one of Hugh's three girlfriends in E!'s reality TV series The Girls Next Door between 2005 and 2009.

The TV personality, who has two children with American football player Hank Baskett, has since courted the limelight, appearing in her own series Kendra and Kendra on Top as well as Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Rap Superstar and Hollywood True Story. Apparently, she also quit Splash! because, in her words, she is "a complete wuss" so we're not sure why she's decided to head into the jungle instead.

"I am afraid of bugs and snakes but I can't tell you yet if I have a phobia of them," she says. Yep. All that joy is yet to come...

Then: Kendra struggles to get up at 4am in The Girls Next Door


Now: Kendra has couples therapy on her reality TV show Kendra on Top


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