I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! 2013 – who’s going into the jungle?

Everyone’s favourite Australian prison camp will soon be back on our screens. Here are the biggest rumours of who might be about to head down under for the promotional tour from hell

Michael Le Vell

Bush Tucker Trials are nothing compared to the real life trial Le Vell has gone through. Le Vell was cleared of sexual abuse charges this month and Coronation Street producers have indicated he will be returning to the soap next February. The actor has played mechanic Kevin Webster for 20 years, and after such a high profile case you might expect him to keep out of the public eye. However, that’s not what the tabloids are saying – perhaps he could be heading for Australia…


Verdict: 7 out of true

Stella English

Former winner of The Apprentice (and subsequent loser of a tribunal against Alan Sugar) Stella is rumoured for a placement almost as degrading as working with Stuart Baggs. English enjoyed a brief stint with Lord Sugar’s company Viglen, before suing him over claims she was “an overpaid lackey”. She lost that case, and may be entering the jungle partly to pay-off Sir Alan’s counter-suit of £35,000 in legal fees. Who knows? For what it’s worth, she claims she hasn’t even been asked: “I would absolutely do it but I don’t think they want me.”

Verdict: 6 out of true

Joey Essex (and possibly Sam Faiers)

IACGMOH meets TOWIE. This reem (translation: fantastic) star from The Only Way Is Essex might be perfect for the jungle. He rarely needs an excuse to get his top off, and the TOWIE cast surely have plenty of experience delousing their underwear. Another TOWIE star Mark Wright was runner-up in the jungle, so precedent has been set. Rumoured to be joining him is former-fiancé Sam Faiers. Will they rekindle their love in a sweaty jungle camp? Well, it’s less depressing than an Essex nightclub.

Verdict: 8 out of true

Khloe/Kourtney Kardashian

Two thirds of the Kardashian sisters, IACGMOH producers are reportedly keen to sign up reality stars Khloe and/or Kourtney to give the show some American star power. While Kim is definitely out of their league, ITV is still willing to shell out some serious cash to hook the budget Kardashians. Will they go for it?

Verdict: 6 out of true

Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne has publicly struggled with alcohol since his heyday on the field in the 1990s. With his addiction hitting the headlines again this year, and a recent stay in rehab, it might not seem the best time for a trip to the jungle. And yet, back in March Gazza said he had turned down the show years ago, but “now I’d be there like a shot.” Paul’s ex-wife Sheryl Gascoigne was a contestant in series 10.

Verdict: 8 out of true

Michael Owen

Footballer, pundit and noted shirt-wearer Michael Owen admitted last month that he had been offered a place on the show. Speaking to the Daily Star, he revealed that although he had turned down Strictly, he could be persuaded by IACGMOOH’s producers: “if I was ever going to do one it would be the jungle but I would need to be offered a few quid to do it, that’s for sure.” The ball is in ITV’s court. (Is that the right sport?)

Verdict: 2 out of true

Hazel O’Sullivan

Mere weeks after her stint in Big Brother, Hazel might soon be making the trip down under. Her time in the house was marked by a flirtatious relationship with fellow contestant Daley Ojuederie, which ended when he placed his hands around her throat. He was promptly ejected.  ITV are said to be keen to add the glamorous model to their own Orwellian reality show.

Verdict: 6 out of true

Lucy Pargeter

As Chas Dingle in Emmerdale, Lucy Pargeter is used to the grim horror of the English countryside, so Australia would be a snap. The TV barmaid recently said she would love to do the show, claiming she “would be a bit of a GI Jane – I’d want to be building and foraging and fishing.” Presumably this doesn’t mean she would shave her head.

Verdict: 9 out of true

Chris Huhne

Disgraced politician Chris Huhne is no stranger to suffering for his travel arrangements. The former Lib Dem MP was jailed for transferring speeding points to his wife’s license. He currently writes a weekly column for the Guardian, but Ladbrokes are giving odds of 5/1 on his appearing in the jungle.

Verdict: 7 out of true

Nina Wadia

The former Mrs Masood only left Eastenders earlier this year, and fans are having a hard time accepting it. Now the Daily Star reports that she might be looking to swap Albert Square for a jungle clearing. Lucky she’s nothing like the uptight Zainab, or she would have a truly miserable time.

Verdict: 6 out of true

Chris Fountain

Disgraced soap star Chris Fountain was unmasked (literally) this year as a foul mouthed rapper who made light of rape on YouTube. He was promptly sacked from Coronation Street, but now might be joining the jungle. Would ITV choose such a controversial figure?

Verdict: 4 out of true

Sally Gunnell

Sally Gunnell OBE may have won an Olympic Gold medal for hurdles, but soon she could be choking on kangaroo anus. According to the Daily Star, the sports star and former TV presenter is being lined up for a place in the jungle, although her agent refused to comment. She wouldn’t be the first Olympian: Diane Modahl and Fatima Whitbread have both appeared, as has Linford Christie.

Verdict: 6 out of true

Matthew Wright

This TV presenter might have the Wright Stuff, but ITV are only planning to ship him to Australia, not shoot him into space. On his Channel 5 show, Matthew is known for his opinionated style and occasionally putting his foot in his mouth. The Star reports he will be the controversial “live wire” of this year’s contest. Couches everywhere may soon be asking: “Matthew Wright: would ya?”

Verdict: 8 out of true

Vincent Simone

Thought you had seen the last of Vincent’s chest hair when he left Strictly? Apparently not. The Sun claim the professional dancer, who quit this year along with partner Flavia Cacace, is “tempted” to go shimmy down under. Will he be swapping sequins for thousands of glistening beetles, swarming over every inch of his toned body?

Verdict: 7 out of true

Diane Abbott

Verdict: 1 out of true

Steve Davis

He may be a six time world snooker champion, but this might be Steve Davis’s biggest break yet. The Sun are reporting that the ‘interesting’ master of the green baize and BBC commentator will soon be announced as a star of the show. The heat will be intense, but then he’s very comfortable in a crucible.

Verdict: 7 out of true

Kian Egan

Westlife go south. The former boyband member has reportedly signed a £100,000 deal to appear on the programme. A source speaking to The Sun claimed “he would love a go at those Bushtucker Trials”, which is what every unnamed source claims about every rumoured contestant, but this does seem fairly soild. Kian may soon find himself Flying Without Wings (after being shoved out of an aeroplane high above the camp).

Verdict: 8 out of true

Amy Willerton

Heavy is the head that wears the tiara. Not only has Willerton won the (confusing) title of Miss Universe Great Britain, but leaked scorecards suggest she might have won the overall prize of Miss Universe. As if that wasn’t enough responsibility, she is now rumoured to have joined IACGMOOH. Will she be crowned Queen of the Jungle?

Verdict: 6 out of true

Rylan Clark

Oh Rylan, how we hope you and your Oscar-worthy crying ways are indeed heading into the jungle. “SHUTTTT UP” would be the war cry of this reality TV show regular and he’d be telly gold in a bushtucker trial. Rylan’s already appeared on the X Factor in perfectly groomed glory and won Celebrity Big Brother – the jungle is surely the next one to tick off the list? William Hill already have odds on Rylan to win without the line-up even being revealed.

Verdict: 8 out of true

Laila Morse

No money, Mo problems. Bankrupt former Eastenders actress Laila Morse, famous for playing ‘Big Mo’, has signed a sizeable deal to go into the jungle. Radio Times have it on good authority that Morse will be announced soon. Producers hope her brassy, sassy personality will drive the other contestants crazy.

Verdict: 9 out of true

Sarah Harding

Former wild child (as we are obligated to call her) Sarah Harding told The Star she “wouldn’t say no” to the jungle. The Girls Aloud singer added she “can’t imagine eating a live animal,” and why should she? It wouldn’t make any sense: Sarah Harding sitting at home, quietly fantasising about ripping the thorax out of a weevil with her teeth. Talk about something kind of euch.


Verdict: 5 out of true