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I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2013 secrets of the jungle revealed

Laura Whitmore, Rob Beckett and Joe Swash share behind-the-scenes gossip from the Australian jungle as they return to co-host ITV2’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! 2013 logo
Published: Monday, 11th November 2013 at 11:01 pm

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! kicks off this Sunday. Yes, more celebrities will be taking on the Australian outback – from day to day camping to trying their hand at a bushtucker trial to earn food for the camp.


But what do we really know about the camp and what goes on even before the celebrities, Ant and Dec and the rest of the gang arrive in the jungle?

Spin-off show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! 2013 hosts Laura Whitmore, comedian Rob Beckett and 2008’s King of the Jungle Joe Swash are back and shared their jungle facts…

1. Joe Swash heads out to Australia earlier than the other hosts of Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! because he does tours of the camp before the celebrities go in. We get to see this footage at various times throughout the series.

2. The hosts confirm they don’t know which celebrities are going into the jungle until the day. Rob admits, “I’m a bit of a runny gob. I’d tell people.”

3. When the celebrities arrive in Australia they stay in different hotels with a minder so they don’t know who the other contestants are. They have their phones taken away and can’t read the newspaper, reveals Joe who himself went through the same thing as a contestant himself in 2008.

4. There are back-up celebrities incase a celebrity pulls out. Laura reveals that celebrities have changed their mind at the airport and even at the hotel.

5. Laura also said it’s likely there will be some “late arrivals” to the campsite, suggesting the initial line-up won’t be the finished group.

6. Rob and Laura joke that the show bosses should blow all of their budget on five guests: Sir Alex Ferguson, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and then chuck Taylor Swift in right at the end to mix it up. “Sir Alex Ferguson is pretty good at winning isn’t he?” Rob jokes. “He’d do the trials. I can’t imagine Kim Kardashian doing them.”

7. It is going to get tougher this year but Laura says it always does. “If you look back at series 1 and jump to series 13, series 1 was like put your hand in a box of ants – and I’m like please, I could do that. You can get away with making them do some harder things because the celebrities know what to expect when they go in.”

8. All of the celebrities fly back together after the wrap party, unless they’re staying on in Australia. So the first out of the jungle gets to wait around in Australia for two weeks.

9. There’s a lot of rehearsals before each ITV2 live show, but the hosts joke that often the script goes straight out of the window. Rob remembers the rain drowning out his funny quip and having to make up a tweet from a fake viewer to keep the show moving on.

10. On being a comedian on the show, Rob says it’s tough getting his three-minute routine together as he has only an hour to do it. “If you do a twenty minute routine on telly, that’d be a year and a half refining it and getting it right!” Rob muses.

11. Laura has tried two bushtucker trials but wouldn’t do an eating challenge. “I’m funny with food anyway. I don’t like red meat. I don’t like onions.” Rob scoffs, “A steak and onion baguette? You’d be like ‘No way!’” Laura confirms, “Yeah, to me that’s revolting. So there’s no way in hell I’m going to eat a live witchetty grub.”

12. Rob admits he’s not had too many run-ins with animals – although did have a scorpion on his chair once. But what he can’t believe is that he’s experienced sweaty front of the knees. “Have you ever had your knees sweat at the front? Front of the knees sweat? It happens in the jungle.”

13. Joe does trials even when he doesn’t need to. “I was doing a trial and presenting,” explains Rob, “And I was like, ‘I’ve had enough I’m not doing it’ and walked off, and Joe was like, ‘Can I do it?’ and he’s running in doing it in his normal clothes. He loves it!”

14. The hosts are supposed to go to bed at 2pm in the afternoon to ensure they get a good night’s sleep before each live show.

15. The hotel the hosts stay in is in a different time zone than on site with one in Queensland and one in New South Wales. Rob admits, “The first time I got there I just rang Laura like, ‘I don’t understand time anymore. Which clock do I look at?’”

16. Ant and Dec’s security man is called Junior, but Laura reveals there’s nothing junior about the 6ft 5 man who has to go through doors sideways.

17. Former Pussycat Doll and last year’s runner-up Ashley Roberts is Laura’s favourite contestant and both Laura and Rob think she’d have won it if she was British, saying it’s harder for American contestants to get the public on side.

18. Rob reveals that former Coronation Street star Helen Flannagan took her top off and slept in Business Class with just her bikini top on – much to the bemusement of the passenger next to her. Rob jokes, "She's like a kid. She can occasionally be a bit tactile and do things for cameras but this was totally like 'I'm going to sleep now', like a child would. Wouldn’t think anything of it. 'I go to sleep without my top on at home'. Oblivious."

19. If Rob could send another comedian into the jungle he’d choose Josh Widdicombe because he thinks it’d be funny to watch Josh moan and say everything "is ridiculous”.

20. Of having a go on another reality show, Rob admits he’d be terrible on Strictly Come Dancing but would try and win. “I’d be like the John Sergeant. I wouldn’t bow out though. I’d plough on. I’d be feet in – I’m winning this. I’d be the worst.”

I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! returns on November 17th on ITV and ITV2



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