I’m A Celebrity Day 18: Adam Thomas takes on 90,000 insects

Plus Joel Dommett dresses up as a crab and all campmates put on a musical


Two days. Just two days until the Queen or King of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is crowned. But will that title matter? In years to come is it more likely that we remember Adam Thomas’ latest scream-fest better than the moment the winner was announced? Almost definitely.


You see, last night Adam Thomas was trapped in an oversized sundae glass as jungle slime, indiscriminate organs and over 90,000 creepy crawlies were poured over his head on national TV.

But there was a reason for Thomas’ insect excursion (apart from providing Ant and Dec with a few giggles): the Emmerdale actor was trying to win food for the camp as part of the Knickerbocker Gory Bushtucker Trial.

Thomas could earn three stars by staying in the ice (s)cream glass as it was filled to his neck and another three by unscrewing stars from a pole dangled above his head.

Who knew watching a man edge towards a maggot-induced nervous breakdown would be so entertaining?

His final star count: Two. Well, that’s what the camp thought until Thomas revealed he’d actually won six stars. What a hoot that Thomas is, eh?!

But what meals did those gold stars win for the group? Six…erm…well nobody was really sure. The campmates were fed “baby chicken things but blue”, according to Martin Roberts.

Rest assured, it was delicious, apparently. Whatever it was…

Joel Dommett and Wayne Bridge got crabs

Don’t worry, it was all part of a Dingo Dollar challenge.

And it was one of the weirdest ones we’ve seen this year: Bridge dressed up as a diver and had to fish out a few crustaceans from the bottom of a lake before passing them to Dommett, who was wearing a crab outfit.

An easy task for the duo to complete, an excruciating one to watch. Why? Dommett – a professional stand-up comedian – and his puns, which included “You’re making me crabby” and “You need to stop being so shellfish”.

So, with all the Dingo Dollars successfully Dingoed, the duo headed to Kiosk Keith for the chance to win some strawberry cheesecake. All they needed was for the camp to answer this question correctly:

“What percentage of British men admitted to wearing their underwear more than once before washing them: A) 18%, or B) 31%”

The camp went for 31% and were …DRUM ROLL… incorrect. No extra grub (for once).

A Jungle Tale: The Musical

Not that after 18 days the showmakers have turned the contestants into performing monkeys, but all campmates were instructed to put on a musical. Which they did without question.

This involved Thomas and Dommett impersonating Ant and Dec, Bridge rapping as Scarlett Moffatt, Sam Quek doing her best Martin Roberts, and Martin Roberts mimicking a “sexy” Carol Vorderman. It’s worse than it sounds.

The performance itself went off without a hitch (if you’re excluding vocals, plot, aesthetics and timing), but there was a bit of DRAMA after the curtain call: Martin Roberts implied that some campmates had played up to the cameras, a comment that Wayne Bridge thought was “bang out of order”. But Bridge didn’t raise this point and thus the camp finished ANOTHER argument free day. Boo.

Wayne Bridge and Martin Roberts got the boot

Yup, not one but two celebs were sent packing at the end of last night’s episode. A cruel twist worth it for some very shocked expressions.

Overall, Roberts finished sixth on the show…

…and Bridge fifth.


I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues 9:30pm on ITV