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I'm A Celebrity 2021 live: All the action from the castle as it happened

Join us for the launch of I'm A Celebrity 2021

I'm A Celebrity
Published: Sunday, 21st November 2021 at 8:36 pm

Live coverage of this event has now concluded

After much anticipation, I'm A Celebrity 2021 is finally here!

Tonight, all the celebrities in the I'm A Celebrity 2021 line-up will enter Gwrych Castle, where I'm A Celebrity is filmed as they prepare to take on all the Bush Tucker Trials and challenges the show is famous for.

Before they can set up camp in the Welsh Castle, however, they'll have to complete their first challenge, which usually involves the campmates meeting sometimes for the first time, as they try to work out how to get into what will be their home for the next few weeks - expect heights, creepy crawlies or confined spaces!

I’m a Celebrity 2021 recently revealed the terrifying first trial of the series. Titled Turrets of Terror, the trial will see the celebrities presented with a huge three-level structure, bookended by two turrets with a giant key on each side.

The public decided which celebrities they wanted to take part in the challenge, with Frankie Bridge and Richard Madeley the top choices.

Ant will announce the challenge, and Madeley and Bridge will be compete head-to-head in Turrets of Terror, each representing a team comprised of four of their fellow celebrities.

Madeley won't might this too much, considering he's already asked to be voted for all the trials. In an interview with and other press, he revealed: "I really hope I do get voted for the Trials. The thing about this programme is you mustn’t go into it if you take yourself remotely seriously. I don’t and I am thoroughly looking forward to being covered in god knows what! You have to be prepared for people to laugh and I see this as a bl**dy great romp of fun!”

The same can't be said for Frankie, but she's had lots of tips from her husband, former footballer Wayne Bridge, who took part on the ITV show back in 2016.

Earlier this week, Frankie revealed how husband Wayne helped her prepare for I’m A Celebrity, saying: "He tried to teach me how to light the fire because I’m useless,” she said. “We’ve got a fire here where I’ve been staying and it’s like a full time job honestly, the last few nights I’ve given up and just sat in my coat and my Uggs in the house because I can’t stay on top of it.”

As the series begins on ITV, join us right here for our live blog. We'll be bringing you all the latest right from the castle!

  • That's all for tonight!

    That brings the launch of I'm A Celebrity 2021 to an end tonight, with Danny Miller set to face one of the other celebs in tomorrow's eating challenge, but who will it be - Kadeena, Frankie, Snoochie, Louise or Matty? We'll find out tomorrow at 9pm, when the show returns!

    Thanks for joining us for a brilliant start to the new series. It looks like it's going to be a good one!

  • Danny is in the hot seat

    Ant and Dec arrive at The Clink and deliver the news that Danny will be facing the next trial where he'll be going head-to-head with one of the campmates from the main camp in an eating challenge, and the look on his face says it all.

    Poor Danny!

    Danny Miller for I'm A Celebrity 2021

    Danny Miller for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! 2021

  • Naughty Boy is a naughty boy!

    Naughty Boy reveals he tried to smuggle in some of his seasonings to make the food taste better, but the producers confiscated them - unlucky!

  • Dinner for four!

    Dinner arrives for the red team, and it's rabbit.

    Kadeena takes control of the cooking and the red team enjoy their dinner, however, Frankie is still hungry after hers.

    Oh the next few weeks are going to be interesting!

  • How many celebrities does it take to build a fire?

    Richard, Danny and David try to light the fire and after a few tries, David manages to get it going. Over in the main camp, the red team are gathered by the fire waiting for their dinner to arrive.

  • Home sweet home (kind of)

    The red team make themselves at home in the main camp, and Frankie says she was expecting a fire to be lit for them... someone didn't do their prep!

    Over at The Clink, it's a very quick tour of nothing.

    "It's more than terrible," David says. We couldn't agree more!

  • The vote is open!

    Ant and Dec announce the second trial of the series, and the I'm A Celebrity vote is open. You now have just under six minutes to choose two contestants to go head-to-head in an infamous eating challenge, so get voting!

  • Frankie's got the key to the castle!

    Frankie gets to level three first and has to untie three ropes to unlock a key, and she's done it, winning the key to the castle!

    A clean streak for the red team, as they head off to the main castle, but it's off to The Clink for the yellow team - unlucky!

  • And they're off!

    Frankie and Richard are ofd trying to unlock each pad lock as they try to get through to the next level, but not without a shower of bugs to keep them company in each locked compartment.

    Frankie is onto level two first, but Richard is right behind her.

    Level two is proving a little more difficult as Frankie and Richard reveal the cockroaches are "biting" them! Yikes.

  • Time for a break!

    The show takes a little break as we wonder who will come out on top in the first trial. My money is on Richard! Something tells me he could be a little bit of a dark horse.

    Only time will tell...

  • Turrets of Terrror Time!

    Ant explains: “Hanging high in the air between the two turrets are two giant keys. The first celebrity to make their way to the top and grab their key will win.”

    “Each Turret is made up of three floors with stairs leading to the next level. However, to get to the next level you need to go through a locked gate. On each floor you must retrieve the keys to unlock the three padlocks to open each gate.

    “When you get to the roof of the turret you must use your lance to hook your key and drag it over to you. The first celebrity to retrieve their key has won.”

    And the claxon sounds!

  • Richard and Frankie have arrived!

    Dec reveals that the public have chosen Richard and Frankie for the first challenge, where they'll be going head to head in the first challenge, known as the Turrets of Terror.

    As they won the first challenge, the red team get to choose who they want to compete for them, and it's Frankie.

    So, what do they have to do?

  • Welcome to the castle

    Ant and Dec reveal that Louise and Snoochie chose the right team members as Kadeena and Matty won the challenge, and the eight celebs join one another at the castle.

    It's now time for the first trial, but we need two more contestants first!

  • Matty and Kadeena score another win for the red team

    Snoochie and Louise choose Matty and Kadeena for their team, and the other four celebs land by a post with a walkie talkie, where Ant and Dec give them the rules and tell them which team they're going to be on.

    First they must get into their gear and then in their teams they'll have to complete a small task which involves moving their metal tool along a string and through some boxes containing some creepy crawlies.

    They have to get the metal spanner to the end and set off their flare.

    The first team to do it, will get one step closer to winning.

  • Snoochie wins!

    Despite insisting she was going to "twerk" when she drops, Snoochie joins Louise Minchin in the winning, red team, while Naughty Boy is dropped.

  • Round two!

    It's time for Snoochie and Naughty Boy to face the challenge and Naughty Boy's taking it very slow...

    Snoochie is already half way along and he's yet to move. But, as soon as he does get moving he just breezes to the end - way to do it!

    The pair are both in the game play zone and the lights are changing.

    So, will it be Snoochie or Naughty Boy for the win?

  • Red light... green light

    The pair watch as the lights on the pole change colour. The first one to hit the buzzer when the light turns green will win, and it's... Louise, as Danny is dropped!

  • Louise and Danny are up!

    First to compete is Louise and Danny, who are told to make their way across the plank into the game play zone at the end.

    Snoochie's dancing at the moment. We're not sure she'll be doing the same when it's her turn, but go on, girl.

    Louise and Danny are both in the game play zone, but it's looking very wobbly, but who will hit the button first?

  • Ant and Dec are here!

    Ant and Dec meet Louise, Snoochie, Danny and Naughty Boy and show them the structure where they'll be completing their first challenge.

    Ant reveals this year will be "tougher than ever" as he tells them they'll have to try and win the keys to the castle, but they won't be doing it as a team and will instead go head-to-head with one another.

    Louise will take on Danny and Naughty Boy will face Snoochie. The winners of each challenge will form the red team and the winning team will choose two celebs from the next team to compete.

    The winners will have access to main camp, beds and eat tonight, while the losing team will be banished to the Castle's new feature - The clink.

    For the challenge, each contestant will have to make their way along a plank, which is 213ft above a lake.

    At the end of the plank is a buzzer, which each contestant will have to press with their foot when alerted. The person who touches it the quickest will win, and the other person will be dropped - just lovely!

  • Touch down

    It's back after a little break, and Ant and Dec have confirmed that Richard and Frankie will be arriving later on to complete the line-up of 10 celebrities.

    Snoochie, Louise, Danny and Nuaghty Boy have now landed and they can see two planks from a distance.

  • Where's Frankie and Richard?

    Eight contestants are now in their helicopters and presumably on their way to the castle, but there's two missing - Frankie Bridge and Richard Madeley. We wonder when they'll make their entrance!

  • The sick bag is out!

    Just seconds into the sky, and Danny has grabbed for the sick bag - oh dear!

    The contestants in each helicopter can now see one another and Louise has spotted Arlene through the window, while Kadeena has made out that Naughty Boy is on the other chopper.

    Although, it doesn't look like they're going in the same direction...

  • Flying high!

    A helicopter arrives and Snoochie, Louise, Danny and Naughty Boy are off in one, while David, Kadeena, Arlene and Matty also jet off.

    But, where are they all going?

  • Shall we meet some more contestants?

    Former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin has arrived, but she's all alone... not for long, though, as she's soon joined by music producer Naughty Boy - and "man's got a song with Beyonce" in case you didn't know!

    Next is musician and radio presenter Snoochie Shy, who is worries about bugs going in certain places, which we won't mention.

    And it's now dawned on the celebs as they sip on glasses of orange juice in an empty apartment that they're going to have to make their way to the castle... we wonder how they'll get there?

    Danny Miller is last to arrive and it looks like it's just the four of them!

  • Kadeena, Arlene and Matty Lee are here!

    Paralympian Kadeena Cox has arrived and she's a little nervous. David isn't, though, although we're not sure how long that'll last for!

    Arelene Phillips is also on her way, and she's already car sick from the twists and turns on her way to the castle. Sounds like a great start to us!

    British diver Matty Lee is here, too and like Kadeena and Arlene he's also afraid of mice... oh dear!

  • It's time!

    Ant and Dec are live from the castle in Wales, meaning I'm A Celebrity 2021 has officially begun.

    And it's time to meet our first contestant is David Ginola, who says he's starving... erm, who's going to tell him?

  • 10 minutes to go!

    Grab your snacks - or not as things could get a little squeamish, but this is us giving you your 10 minute warning that I'm A Celebrity is about to start!

    Want to know what it's really like at the I'm A Celebrity castle? Well we got the opportunity to visit the castle last week and the contestants are in for a surprise, if you ask us!


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