I’m A Celebrity 2016 Day 14: Martin and Adam’s bromance intensifies over glasses of fish eyes

Plus Larry gets the gun show going, Mark Wahlberg is Martin's biggest fan and phone calls from home send emotions skyrocketing


From Katie and Peter to Joe and George, Mark and Dougie to Ferne and Vicky, there have been many great I’m A Celebrity jungle pairings, and 2016 shall surely be remembered as the year of Adam and Martin.


“Is this REALLY happening?” asked Adam as a large Yabby wriggled out of his new BFF’s mouth in the Bushtucker Trial clearing.

And many of us at home wondered the exact same thing.

Who’d a thunk an Emmerdale hunk and that bloke from Homes Under The Hammer would strike up such an unlikely bromance? And that said bromance would intensify over a mouthful of water spider and a few shots of fish eyes?

Pick ‘N’ Critz saw the gents holding all manner of Aussie creatures in their mouths for 30 seconds, and when Adam faced his fear and let a water spider sit in his gob (surely having his Ferne McCann moment of the series?), Martin’s love for him increased ten-fold. Add to that two shots of fish eye goo – which basically turned Martin into the girl from The Exorcist – and you’ve got a recipe for jungle joy.

The Homes Under The Hammer property guru beamed with pride as he recounted the tale of Adam’s bravery to their camp mates later.

“I wish I’d been like you when I was younger that’s for sure. I wasn’t half as confident,” Martin later sighed, much to the amusement of the Emmerdale star. “Did you get many chicks when you were my age,” asked Adam.

“No, I wasn’t very good at picking up girls to be honest, I was really fat as a kid, didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 19 and I didn’t do that whole going out to nightclubs thing,” Martin replied. “I’ve never ever ever ever picked up a girl in a nightclub. I wouldn’t know how to do it.”

Who needs a one-night stand when you’ve got a bromance for the ages?

Larry ‘Tarzan’ Lamb gets the gun show going

Speaking of Martin, he began the day by nearly falling out of his hammock while arch-nemesis Larry Lamb grunted through a few press ups on the jungle floor.

“The mornings are my favourite time in life anyway and to be able to wake up at dawn and be part of the camp coming to life is one of the things I’ll really miss,” mused Tarzan-esque Larry as he made his muscles dance for the boys and girls.

And he wasn’t the only one sporting “pure gunnage”, as Joel called it, either. Sam, Ola and “The Vords” flexed their muscles too, all vying for the title of Jungle Jane.

Meanwhile Scarlett asked Ola if she pooed butterflies after a particularly pleasant trip to the rather fragrant dunny, and Lisa dropped a bombshell of her own: she knows Matt Damon.


Does Daniel Craig REALLY watch Homes Under The Hammer?

On the subject of name dropping, Martin told the camp some famous faces rather enjoyed Homes Under The Hammer – and the gang weren’t sure whether or not to believe him.

Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Craig were among the stars Martin claims love his TV series and we can confirm that he’s 100 per cent right about one of them.

We’re still not sure about Daniel Craig, though. But don’t worry, Ant and Dec are on the case.

Phone calls from home bring the celebs to tears

And finally, it was talk, not texts, that made many of the camp mates emotional as Jordan, Joel and Scarlett battled critters and cryptic clues to connect the celebs to their friends and families in the jungle switchboard.

The gang failed to connect Scarlett’s call, so Jordan decided to share a little of his time with the very emotional Gogglebox star, who sobbed as she thanked him for passing on her love to her family via his little sister.

But she wasn’t nearly as emotional as Adam, who broke down when he heard his other half Caroline on the line.

Adam cried. We cried. Even Danny Miller off Emmerdale cried.

And they all lived happily ever after. Bar Lisa, who was sent packing by the public at the end of the evening.


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues on ITV on Monday November 28th at 8.30pm