I’m a Celebrity 2013: 7 places to try bushtucker trials

Think you could do better than a star in the jungle? Follow our travel guide to eating scorpions and swimming with crocodiles

Next week (9pm, November 17, on ITV) we’ll see another bunch of stars descend on Australia’s Gold Coast, where they’ll live in the jungle for weeks and try to survive scary bushtucker trials in a bid to be crowned king or queen of the jungle.


Walking a rickety bridge, eating a rotten egg or plunging into crocodile–infested water may look easy while sitting in the comfort of your own home, but could you actually do these challenges for real? Read on for places around the world to try I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here-style challenges:

Swimming with crocs, Darwin, Australia

In 2008, Simon Webb from Blue had to complete a trial in a tank of water, despite being petrified of it. He had to collect stars while Oscar fish, eels and crocodiles got in his way. In Australia, it’s possible to see what the singer went through as he swam with the vicious reptiles. At the Cage of Death, you can spend 15 minutes up close to these massive reptiles while they circle the cage and try and get in. See here for more details: crocosauruscove.com

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Eat testicles, Illinois, USA

In 2011, The Only Way is Essex star Mark Wright and comedian Freddie Starr were given a bowl of turkey testicles to eat in a ‘Greasy Spoon Café’ challenge. Later, in 2012, politician Nadine Dorries had to eat lamb’s testes. If you’d like to try some animal gonads – it’s surprisingly easy. They’re considered a delicacy by many cultures, who think swallowing ball sacks aids fertility (we’ll take their word for it!). In Spain, they are called ‘bull’s eggs’, in America they are called ‘mountain oysters’ and in the Middle East they may be on the menu as ‘lamb fries’. In Byron, Illinois, there’s even an annual turkey testicles eating festival, where bikers get together and show off their manhood by eating as many deep fried bollocks as they can for charity. See here for more info turkeytesticlefestival.com

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Get up close to deadly snakes, Bangkok, Thailand

Slithery snakes feature heavily in the I’m a Celeb challenges. In 2004, we watched as the fearless journalist and broadcaster Janet Street Porter got bitten three times while pushing snakes out of the way to get stars and win the celebrities nine meals in the jungle. In 2010, we also saw Lembit Opik and Shaun Ryder get bitten as they put their hands in snake-infested boxes to try and retrieve valuable stars. And, in 2011, we watched singer and X Factor mentor Sinitta screeching as she tried to retrieve bangles off the back of a giant snake. At Bangkok’s Snake Farm at the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, visitors can get up close to a Malayan pit viper, a banded krait and a king cobra. Here, visitors can see snakes in vats, watch deadly snake shows (the snake milking is particularly bizarre), and even handle snakes on certain days. saovabha.com

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Walk a high wire, UK

In 2004, All Saints star Natalie Appleton, who is scared of heights, had to attempt to cross a 200ft high wire as part of a bushtucker trial. After crying for her mum while suspended on the wire, Appleton had to be revived with oxygen after the challenge. Think you can do it better? Go Ape is the place. There are 29 tree top adventures in Britain where you can release your inner Tarzan and walk rope bridges suspended between trees and cross wires suspended 1000 metres in the sky. See goape.co.uk

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Eat rotten eggs, London, UK

In 2009, TV chef Gino Di Campo found himself one of the last three celebs left in the jungle, during the last two days he had to eat a bunch of disgusting foods. The first jungle delicacy was a century egg. These rotten chicken, duck or quail eggs are mixed with clay, ash, salt and rice hulls kept for several months until the are green and grey. Mark Wright also had to swallow one of these in 2011 – his retching says it all. You can try these revolting concoctions in London at Mr Kong’s, Chinatown (phone ahead as they have to order them in). mrkongrestaurant.com

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Jump from a cable car, Queenstown, New Zealand

In 2011, scaredy cat Sinitta got voted in to do the ‘cable cartastrophy’, suspended above a deep jungle valley she had to search the creepy crawly-infested container for 11 stars. When the buzzer went off, the bottom dropped away and she bunjy jumped into the valley. In New Zealand, it’s possible to fall from the same height (and more) at the Nevis Bunjy. Those who dare can dive off a platform suspended 134 metres in the air and freefall for 8.5 seconds, and then bounce back up. bungy.co.nz

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Eat cockroaches, Beijing, China

These horrid morsels have played a vital part in the the history of I’m a Celebrity… challenges. Contestants have eaten them, bathed in them and sleept in them. In Shangdong province, a farm in Qufu breeds these critters by the factory-load. There are 22million cockroaches here at any one time, which are then shipped to various parts of the country and the world, so people can eat them as a nutritious protein-filled snack. Some scientists believe that cockroaches may unlock the secrets to curing illnesses and ailments like stomach pains, sunburn and cancer (although we’re not entirely convinced). Eat them, plus other creepy crawlies including scorpions and newts, at Wangfujing Street’s night market in Beijing.

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