Sporting superhero capes, the celebs were blasted with a barrage of water, winder, balls and paint before successfully completing the challenge.

And despite the pummelling the campmates took, people at home really REALLY want a go...

Elsewhere in last night’s camp, the celebs were reunited with their nearest and dearest and there wasn’t a dry eye in the jungle. In particular, a very teary Iain saw his sister for the first time in two years.

But sadly that was the last day in camp for Jennie McAlpine, who was eliminated from the jungle at the end of last night’s episode. And although she compared the show to childbirth (“it’s like a birth story, no one tells you what actually happens, and nobody tells you what happens on I’m A Celebrity, as no one believes you”), Jennie said it had been an “amazing” experience.

Her favourite to win? Toff or Jamie (sorry, Iain).

So, which of the three finalists will be crowned king or queen of the jungle? We've not got long to find out...

The I'm A Celebrity Final is on 9pm tonight, ITV