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Angry I'm A Celeb viewers claim Ian Wright is a "bully" to Andrew Maxwell

The two celebrities continued their feud last night, with Ian in a sour mood following his disappointing trial

Ian Wright (ITV)
Published: Wednesday, 27th November 2019 at 10:31 pm

Ian Wright and Andrew Maxwell came to blows again on I'm A Celebrity tonight, this time as they disagreed on what would be considered a rule breach.


The celebs were trying to avoid another punishment, after losing a star last night following Caitlyn's decision to smuggle food from her roast back into camp for Ian.

Ian and Andy disagreed over whether they could ask Myles to try the food as it cooked because he was no longer camp chef.

Ian said: “Can you get Myles to taste it to see if….”

Kate interrupted and said: “No, no because we’ll get punished.”

Ian said: “Jacqueline just tasted it, it’s fine to taste, just not stir.”

Ian expressed his frustration with Andrew to the Bush Telegraph

Things got noticeably heated when Andrew got involved.

He replied: “Maybe err on the side of caution.”

Ian hit back: “What, he can’t taste it? What are you talking about? Jacqueline just tasted it.”

Andrew said: “Yeah, but she wasn’t cook before.”

Ian said “What’s that got to do with anything, so you’re saying people can’t taste the food?”

Andrew said he wasn’t saying anything.

The camp briefly settled down to enjoy their rice and beans, but when Andrew helped himself to seconds, the argument flared up once again.

Jacqueline said: “If we want to win stars, we must make sure we’re following all the rules because you can’t serve yourself. It’s all about serving the portions.”

Ian said that he was glad Jacqueline brought it up, saying that he would have been accused of "digging out" Andrew otherwise.

Fans of the show sided decisively with Andrew on the matter.

Ian vented his frustration in the Bush Telegraph: “I’ve had enough, it’s the hypocrisy of it, that just winds me up.”

Meanwhile, Andrew and James had a moment alone to discuss how best to deal with Ian's temper.

Andrew said: “It’s just so many more days to go, I’m trying to give him as much space as possible. In hindsight I shouldn’t have criticised him for the bean thing but the thing is, would he have flipped at you like that?”

James replied: “The thing is, he’s disappointed about the morning, the [bushtucker trial] star thing. You’re an important part of the group, Ian’s temperament shouldn’t dictate that you don’t engage, I just want to check you’re okay.”

Earlier in the day, Ian and James had both taken part in the Deadly Dungeons bushtucker trial, performing worse than expected by earning six out of a possible twelve stars.

This was a particularly sore point, as Ian's previous run-in with Andrew yesterday had been shortly after he completed his trial with a total of ten stars.

Fans seemed to take some enjoyment from watching James and Ian struggle:


I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow night at 9pm.


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