Netflix’s Hype House cast: Meet the 20 famous TikTok stars living in the mansion

The youngsters are very famous indeed.

Hype House Netflix release date

Netflix are venturing into the world of Tik Tok for their new reality series, Hype House.


For those unaware, the social media platform’s biggest and most famous creators will be put in a house and filmed for a fly on the wall series.

We’re expecting to see a completely different side of these TikTokers who carefully curate their brand on the platform to their millions of followers.

But who are these TikTok superstars? Get to know the cast of Netflix‘s Hype House below.

Kouvr Annon

Age: 20

Instagram: @k0uvr

TikTok: @k0uvr

She may only be 20 but Kouvre has amassed millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok – just under 15 million to be precise. She has her own selection of merchandise and she is currently dating YouTuber Alex Warren.

Nikita Dragun

Age: 23

Instagram: @nikitadragun

TikTok: @nikitadragun


Make-up artist Nikita won’t be appearing on the small screen for the first time in Netflix’s Hype House. She had a Snapchat reality TV show called Nikita Unfiltered in 2020 and also appeared inn an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Age: 17

Instagram: @siennamaegomez

TikTok: @siennamae

She may only be 17, but Sienna Mae has amassed a large following across her social media accounts. She went viral with her first ever video by accident and has risen in popularity since.

Chase Hudson (AKA Lil Huddy)

Age: 18

Instagram: @lilhuddy

TikTok: @lilhuddy

Lil Huddy can just about do it all and is the founder of the Hype House in Los Angeles. He is a singer, actor and influencer and is cited in Billboard as being one of the most influential musicians on TikTok.

Larri Merritt (AKA Larray)

Age: 22

Instagram: @larray

TikTok: @larrayeeee

Larray rose to fame on Vine, before the platform became defunct. He moved to TikTok where he is part of the Hype House and is best known for his comedic videos and his single CANCELLED.

Thomas Petrou

Age: 22

Instagram: @petroutv

TikTok: @petroutv

Thomas is another founding member of the real Hype House and delights his millions of followers with his comedic YouTube and TikTok channels.

Alex Warren

Age: 20

Instagram: @alexwaarren

TikTok: @alexwaarren

Alex is dating fellow Hype House member Kouvr and they certainly are a power couple. He has 14.3 million followers on TikTok alone, and is most famous for his YouTube channel, which has 2.68 million subscribers.

Jack Wright

Age: 18

Instagram: @jack.wright21

TikTok: @jack.wright

Actor and social media influencer Jack is dating fellow Hype House member Sienna. He has a twin brother James, who is also a social media icon.

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