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What is Great British Bake Off's theme this week? Week 10 technical, signature bake and showstopper

Bake Off is back, with our 13 hopefuls rising to the occasion to create a series of mouth-watering bakes

Published: Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at 3:50 pm

The Great British Bake Off has reached its 10th series, with a new batch of hopefuls taking on the tent of dreams in order to be crowned Britain’s best amateur baker.


This year marks a significant change; instead of 12 participants, we now have a bakers’ dozen attempting to impress the steely-eyed Paul Hollywood and significantly merrier Prue Leith.

The extra ingredient in Great British Bake Off’s recipe means that we've already had a double dumping from the tent. One thing that hasn't changed? The challenges. Signature bake, technical challenge and showstopper.

What is this week's The Great British Bake Off theme?

Week 10 - Finals Week

Our remaining three bakers battle it out to win Bake Off 2019...

What's this week's signature bake? The 'ultimate' chocolate cake

What's this week's technical challenge? We're sworn to secrecy!

What's this week's showstopper? A 'deceptive' picnic feast

Week 9 - Patisserie Week

The final four have just one last chance to impress Paul and Prue ahead of the all-important final.

What's this week's signature bake? Domed tartlets

What's this week's technical challenge? We're sworn to secrecy!

What's this week's showstopper? An edible display cabinet with a bake of something you hold dear

Week 8 - Pastry Week

It's hotting up in the tent as the remaining bakers show off their pastry making skills in the quarter-final.

What's this week's signature bake? Tarte Tatin

What's this week's technical challenge? Moroccan cake

What's this week's showstopper? A “stunning vertical pie”

Read our preview of Week 8

Week 7 - Festivals Week

In what looks set to be one of the closest run contests yet, our bakers have to tackle festival-themed desserts.

What's this week's signature bake? Festival-themed buns, with a yeast element.

What's this week's technical challenge? Sicilian cassatelle

What's this week's showstopper? The multi-layered Sarawak cake

Week 6 - Dessert Week

After the double dumping, seven bakers remain to take on Dessert Week - which sees a Bake Off first in the shape of its showstopper.

What's this week's signature bake? A layered meringue cake

What's this week's technical challenge? Verinne.

What's this week's showstopper? A celebratory bombe dessert

Fancy having a go at a bombe dessert? Try out these recipes

Week 5 - Twenties Week

Our nine remaining bakers celebrate the Roaring Twenties with three tricky challenges set to put our makers to the test.

What's this week's signature bake? Custard pies - but don't think clown gags, think more refined and delicate.

What's this week's technical challenge? Deep-fried profiteroles

What's this week's showstopper? A tiered cocktail cake.

Week 4 - Dairy Week

The last ten bakers took on Dairy Week for the first time - with the tough three challenges enough to make anyone lactose intolerant, let alone the most seasoned of bakers.

What's this week's signature bake? A dairy cake, which had to contain at least one cultured dairy product (think buttermilk or yoghurt).

What's this week's technical challenge? Tudor-based tarts, lemon curd-filled Maids of Honour.

What's this week's showstopper? Indian milk sweets, 'mishti'.

Week 3 - Bread Week

It's the most nail-biting week so far, with the 11 remaining bakers having to impress bread maestro Paul.

The preview for Bread Week sees host Sandi Toskvig tease a signature that is likely to see our bakers get hot under the collar (with one baker using a lot of chilli), a rather "cheeky" bun-based technical, and a showstopper in which "only the sharpest will make the cut."

What's the signature bake? A filled tear and share loaf

Fancy having a go at your own? Try out these recipes for different flavoured tear and share bakes

What's this week's technical challenge? A veggie burger in a white bap

What's this week's showstopper? A display of artistically scored decorative loaves

Bread baking beginner? Here's a guide to scoring bread

Week 2 - Biscuit Week

Biscuit Week promised some of our most intricate bakes yet.

What's the signature bake? Chocolate biscuit bars

What's this week's technical challenge? Fig rolls... a controversial challenge choice for viewers

What's this week's showstopper? 3D biscuit sculptures

Week 1 – Cake Week

Bake Off 2019 sees the show return to traditions, with the opening episode kicking off with Cake Week after last year started with Biscuit Week.

The signature sees our hopefuls tasked with baking a well-decorated fruitcake, with five bakers using family recipes in a bid to impress the judges.

The particularly challenging technical, set by Prue, requires baking four Angel Cake slices – which proves challenging for two contestants.

The showstopper this week is birthday cakes, with the contestants tasked with creating a cake of their dreams from childhood.

What's the signature bake? Fruitcake

If the first round gets you in the mood for trying to make fruitcake, our friends over at Good Food have a great collection of our 20 best ever fruitcake recipes.

What's this week's technical challenge? Angel cake slice with feathered icing

What is feathered icing? There's a simple version of this week’s technical challenge with a recipe written by Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood himself over at Good Food too. Learn how to achieve feathered icing on these delicious lemon drizzle slices.

What's this week's showstopper? Childhood birthday cakes

Bake your own showstopper with the ultimate guide to birthday cakes for kids.

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The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.


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