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Gogglebox’s Dom talks The Jump: “I should be in a body cast, if not a coffin"

"We must be insane,” jokes the Gogglebox star who says if he was watching from home he would be laughing - mostly at his outfits logo
Published: Sunday, 1st February 2015 at 7:21 am

Gogglebox’s Dom Parker has had concussion, hurt his back, bashed and bruised all manner of body parts in preparation for winter sports-themed reality show The Jump and is actually quite surprised he’s not been put in the ground.


“I should be in a body cast, if not a coffin,” he joked to after a hard day’s training in Austria. “Why I am not dead…”

In fact, after tackling the jump itself, bobsleigh, ski cross and more, Dom’s come up with a new name for the show: “This isn’t really The Jump - this is celebrity suicide watch.”

After the cocktail of injuries listed by Dom and his fellow competitors, which includes former rugby pro Mike Tindall and dancer Louie Spence, it’s a name that could catch on.

“We must be insane,” Dom continues, laughing that his training has basically been a case of ‘Oh, he’s not dead, bring him back and have another go!’

Dom’s certainly not a fan of the skeleton training - “I don’t understand why anybody would want to do that?!” - adding rather ominously, “All in all, we’ve done well to survive. We’re staying alive.”

There's no confirmation yet as to whether the Gogglebox families will be tuning in to see Dom take part, but if he was at home watching himself, Dom admits he’d be yelling at the TV: “Who’s that t***? What does he look like?”

“I look pretty stupid,” he adds by way of explanation. And while Dom’s not allowed to give away exactly what his outfit will look like on the night he does tease: “There’s a hint of tweed. That’s all I’ll say.”


Chin, chin…


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