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Gogglebox introduced a bunch of new families on Friday night – but did viewers warm to them?

It looks like it will take time for fans of the Channel 4 series to get to know the new faces

Published: Saturday, 8th September 2018 at 9:27 am

Gogglebox made a welcome return to Channel 4 on Friday 7th September, with a host of new families joining the old favourites.


However, with so many new faces joining the show, it's going to take time for fans to get to know them.

Judging by the reaction online following the first episode of the new series, not everyone's convinced by the new recruits.

New groups included Beryl and her scientist husband John, Fawn and Andrew (oh, and pet Schnauzer – Gogglebox loves dogs), and Abby and Georgia.

Changes are always tricky, but after one episode some fans felt that too many new people had been introduced at once.

But not everyone was set against the newbies.

And some just wondered why they hadn't joined the show yet...

Gogglebox creator Tania Alexander was watching closely to see how viewers were responding to the new families, and even took the time to reply to some comments on Twitter.

"Always takes a while for newbies to be accepted," she told one viewer. "Been the same with everyone that's joined since series two!"

"You'll get used to them," she reassured another.

Some of the new groups already have profiles online, although Fawn and Andrew are being cautious before joining the Twitter conversation full on.

New families or not, it's good to have Gogglebox back in our lives every Friday.


The show continues next week on Channel 4 from 9pm. Catch up on the new episode on All4 here.


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