ITV has confirmed that 2014’s series of Dancing on Ice will be the last series... ever. After nine years the show's stars are hanging up their skates, peeling off the false eyelashes and putting the fake tan away. Olympic champs Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have said they want the show go out on a high. So we’ve come up with a few suggestions to liven up the format…


Use a moving rink

Ice skating is terrifying enough. Big feet, small blades, lots of available and easily sliced off digits. But, a moving rink could really up the drama. Clearly this is a technical mishap waiting to happen - I’m just the ideas gal. Someone else will have to think up the technology. But imagine the challenge of skating on a rink that is in various different parts. Ideally that shift unexpectedly. Like one of those toys where there’s always one square missing. I know, me first, right?

Go outside

Britain’s Got Talent is doing it – so performing outside must be the hip new thing. Heck, if wannabe divers can get Simon Cowell to stand outside in the cold and vote, surely Dancing on Ice can do it. The wind, rain and no doubt snow that would come with the show’s winter schedule would really test the skaters. And their costumes. There’s only so much wind sequins can handle.

Bring back Louie Spence

… and keep Jason Gardiner. There’s not been a judging panel clash like it. Louie would jump, clap and squeal and Jason would – well Jason would explode. It’d be his finest collection of put-downs yet. Louie would probably cry. Or jazz hands him (or something of the sort).

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Swap the pairs

In the last show, each celebrity could be given a new partner. That’d shake them up a bit. Especially if they’ve all fallen in love with their original pro-skater, as seems to be the norm. It’d be like a high school disco. They could all dance to slow songs and glare at each other. It’d certainly up the performance aspect, eh Jason?

Make the hosts skate

It’s about time Phillip Schofield got on the rink isn’t it? Eight years he’s got away with it. He says he doesn’t want to end up injured for fear of ruining his skiing plans. Come on Philly, you’ve got Torvill and Dean to teach you. Plus, Christine Bleakley has previously said head judge Robin Cousins is her dream skating partner. So there really aren’t any issues. Of course, if their first ever attempt on the rink was streamed live, that’d be even better. For us. Not them, clearly.


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