The Voice UK is back this weekend. Coaches, Sir Tom Jones and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson all return, alongside sparkling newbie Rita Ora. Plus, of course, the spinning chairs are back. They're the best bit of the show, after all.


But if the spinning chairs have passed you by, here's a quick explanation: the four coaches each sit in a big red chair, their backs to the singers who are performing, only spinning around if they're keen to have said crooner on their team.

It's fair to say a lot of us lose interest after this stage of the competition, but could this opening section be – gasp – even better? I've come up with some suggestions for a bit of a spinning chair makeover.

Individually designed chairs

Each coach should be able to pick the chair they're going to sit in á la Dragons' Den. Mainly because you just know would have some unbelievably high tech one. It would send tweets every time he spoke. Pour him drinks. Or maybe it could even predict whether each singer will be a chart-topper...

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Musical buttons

Sure, it's exciting when one of the coaches hits their button, but wouldn't it be cooler yet if their buzzer blasted out a tune or two? A bit like Q.I. with their randomised noises. I'd certainly enjoy hearing Sir Tom's boom out "What's New Pussycat" again and again.

Flipping chairs

The spinning is fab, we'll give them that. But what about a bit of Graham Norton red chair-style flipping? Perhaps the coach who turns the slowest could be punished with this? Or if no one spins and the crowd are mad, they could choose to flip a coach by clap-o-meter or something. Just make sure Rita Ora isn't wearing that jacket, eh?

Musical chairs

Every now and then (perhaps when someone's singing yet another Mariah Carey song) the music could cut off and the judges have to quickly swap chairs. It'd be an effort to remove a seat each time someone loses, but it'd be worth it; getting competitive, Sir Tom sitting on the sidelines while everyone plays on without him...

Constantly spinning chairs

In fact, given the spinning bit is everyone's favourite part, why not have the coaches constantly spinning? So rather than spin when they've chosen someone, they spin until they've chosen someone. That washed up pop star who misses one note might get a shot then, eh? Even if just to end the dizziness...


The Voice starts tonight at 7:00pm on BBC1