As soon as the X Factor finishes, thoughts move on to the next series: will the judges stay the same? Will we get another Stevi Ritchie? And will Dermot O’Leary return as host?


“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” the long-standing presenter tells Radio Times magazine.

“I love doing [X Factor] and it’s a huge part of my life. But it’s eight years now.

O'Leary concludes, teasingly: “If a new challenge came up that meant I couldn’t do both, then… But while I’m still enjoying it, I want to carry on doing it.”

Indeed, in December the huggable host told us, “It’s pretty much eight full-on months of the year. There’s no way I could do this if I didn’t like it.”

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O’Leary’s not worried about slipping viewing figures or the ongoing battle with the BBC’s Saturday night entertainment juggernaut Strictly Come Dancing.

“The way people watch X Factor is very different to the way people watch Strictly. A lot of our audience know that they can go out on a Saturday night and watch it on catch-up, or the kids go to bed and they watch it as a family the following morning.

“I don’t know if the audiences overlap as much as we all think they do,” he adds. “The competition’s healthy.”

So when will we – ahem, we mean – he know about this year's series? “Usually we talk in about mid-February."

Meanwhile, as well as his regular Radio 2 show, O’Leary will be back on our screens next Wednesday evening to host the National Television Awards.

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Read the full interview with Dermot O'Leary in this week's Radio Times magazine, on sale from Tuesday 13th January