Davina McCall on Channel 5’s Big Brother: “I should be there”

Former BB queen admires its new incarnation, but finds it hard to watch

Davina McCall has admitted that her first reaction to seeing Big Brother on Channel 5 was: “I should be there. What’s going on?”


In an interview published in this week’s Radio Times, the former Big Brother host confessed that she felt pangs of envy while watching the revamped programme, which she thought was “good”.

She claimed that seeing the show and not being a part of it was an odd experience, saying: “If you’re not presenting, [watching] it’s like a busman’s holiday.”

McCall hosted Big Brother during the whole ten years of its run on Channel 4, but left when the show transferred to Channel 5 in 2011.

“I’d said goodbye and it would have been too weird to go back,” she admitted.

Big Brother also provided Davina with the most embarrassing moment in her TV career, which involved her falling and grazing herself on air.

“I was just about to go live on air on Big Brother, and I ran up the stairs and tripped,” said McCall.

“I punched the floor, which was like sandpaper, and my hands and knees were all cut up. They were screaming ‘Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…” and I had blood dripping off my fist.

“I said, ‘Just in case you’re wondering why I’ve got a bleeding fist, I’ve just fallen over running up the stairs.’ On live TV there’s nowhere to hide.”


Read the full interview, in which Davina discusses her TV and radio favourites, in this week’s issue of Radio Times.