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Danny Dyer claims Love Island's Jack and Dani are still together: "I can tell you now, they’re sweet"

Is it a Christmas miracle? Dad Danny says daughter Dani and Jack Fincham have not broken up, despite Dani posting on Instagram that they had separated

Love Island - Jack and Dani
Published: Tuesday, 11th December 2018 at 8:27 am

There might be some hope left for Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer: Danny Dyer says the Love Island couple are still together.


Although Dani previously announced the couple had split but would “stay friends”, her father has said her message was “b******s” and the pair are “sweet as”.

Speaking on this weekend’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Dyer tells Ross, "I just want to put something to bed. She hasn’t split up with Jack, that’s all b******s, that is.”

He adds: "They’ve had a row. They’ve had a row, she’s got a bit emotional and I think she has whacked that [message] up and immediately regretted it. You know what women are like…

“I’m just saying she got a little bit irate, screaming and shouting, the ultimate way to punish him maybe. I don’t know what was going on but I can tell you now, they’re sweet.”

Dani had posted a message on Instagram appearing to confirm that the Love Island couple had split.

“Jack & I have sadly decided to part ways,” she wrote.”It’s been an incredible 6 months, and we will always have a place in our hearts for each other, but sadly we’ve come to the realisation that it’s not meant to be long term.

“We both plan to stay friends. I hope you’ll all understand. Love Dani x”

Danny however says that message was not final, explaining, “They’re sweet as. They’ve had a little argument as we all do, we all have tear ups. Don’t declare nothing to the world, I’ve told her this. That was my bit of fatherly advice. It is okay, it is all sweet.”

And – even better – turns out that Dyer is holding no hard feelings against Jack. “He’s a good kid,” Dyer says. “He’s good as gold, everyone is sweet. Merry Christmas everyone!”

Could it be? Have our prayers been answered? Is it really #Jani forever?

Either way, we’ll see the couple together soon on the Love Island festive special. Filmed before the reported Jani split, Love Island: The Christmas Reunion will air as planned featuring the pair still very much loved up.


Tune in for the full Danny Dyer interview on The Jonathan Ross Show this Saturday 15th December at 10.05pm on ITV.

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