Dancing On Ice 2013: Joe Pasquale exits after losing skate-off to Keith Chegwin

“I’m going to put my jock strap on e-Bay tomorrow,” says the funnyman after getting the boot from the ITV talent show

Joe Pasquale has been voted out of Dancing On Ice in week 6 after losing the skate-off to Keith Chegwin (yep, he was in the skate-off again!).


As the funny men went head-to-head Joe joked, “This is about five weeks too late”, before taking to the ice to dance to the aptly named track, I Started A Joke. But, getting back to the point of the show, it was time to say goodbye to the jokes and mucking about (and the bunion of course!), as actual skating skill led to a unanimous judges’ vote in Keith’s favour. Not able to leave without a one liner, Joe told a worried looking Jason Gardiner, “I’m going to put my jockstrap on e-Bay tomorrow, you can have first bid Jason!”

Elsewhere, presenter Phillip Schofield said there “was a lot of love tonight” and while the skaters may have been dancing to mushy love songs and staring intently into each other’s eyes for ‘Love Week’, there was certainly no love amongst the judges.

For the first time this series Jason truly got his comeuppance from a smug Karen Barber. Jason complained that Luke Campbell spent most of his performance licking his lips, before congratulating Luke on his ability to perform the presage lift on ice. Luke joked, “You don’t miss anything do you, Jason?” But it appears Jason did, and of course Karen didn’t miss an opportunity to embarrass him, almost shouting, “Well, you notice everything but there was no presage lift actually out there.” Oops. We’re sure Jason will lose, oh, four seconds of sleep over it.

Commentator Tony Gubba attempted to keep things light and fluffy, but seems to be running out of names for the moves so has just taken to making them up – an ‘It’s all about you lift’ during Keith Chegwin and Olga’s performance to McFly’s It’s All About You, really? We’ll look out for the ‘I’m bored and would like a pay rise’ move next week, shall we Tony?

There were more tears this week, some from Gareth Thomas’s emotional partner Robin, who is ecstatic to be paired with the rugby ace. The rest were from us after Joe revealed, “I’m a bit of a ladies’ man, but only if the gents is shut.” Joe joked that Karen had hit him with a restraining order – perhaps the girls (and guys!) should have photocopied it. Karen might need it still after Joe said, “This isn’t the end, I’ll be round your house tomorrow, Karen.”

Show bosses appeared to want to have a chuckle at Samia Ghadie and partner Sylvain’s expense this week, oh-so-subtly lumping them with Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You as their track. Christopher Dean smirked to the camera, “I hope she’s got the right partner for this.” Even Christine Bleakley couldn’t help having a little dig adding, “I wonder if she’ll have any problem dancing passionately with her partner.” Unfortunately for the are-they-aren’t-they pair, Ashley Roberts told them, “The passion wasn’t quite there.” Awkward! Figuratively kicking her while she’s down, Robin added, “You need to get away from the smoke and mirrors of the lifts, you have to, at some point, skate.” Yes, Samia, the skates are there for a reason.

Riding high on last week’s performance which saw her top the leader board, Beth Tweddle and partner Dan took to the ice with two difficult moves – the whirly bird and a head banger from a running edge. Looking like she’d added a few extra hair extensions to protect her bonce, Beth nailed both scary tricks, but it wasn’t enough to impress Ashley, who only awarded her a 6.5, against two 8s from Karen and Robin and a 7 from Jason. Ashley did seem a little nervous once the audience started to boo, but with reports the show has been losing viewers, perhaps more feistiness is just what we need from the programme. What we didn’t need was Joe bashing his crotch area again in the opening performance. Thank goodness we can say goodbye to that!


Next week the celebs take on the team challenge and… Olly Murs will be performing!  It just gets better!