Channel 4's Hunted is one of television's most extreme reality competitions, putting ordinary people in the position of a fugitive on the run from the law.


Attempting to evade capture will be harder than ever this year as contestants will be stripped of their possessions, with only the clothes on their back and the kindness of strangers at their disposal.

If they can successfully escape a team of experts, there's a prize of £100,000 up for grabs - here's who is taking part in Channel 4's Hunted 2020...

Hayley Morrison and Daniel Ryder

Who are Hayley and Daniel? Hayley and Daniel are a couple from Wigan who have been together for three years.

Daniel, 33, co-owns two gyms and a health kitchen, a job which he adores despite its demanding 14-hour days. He met Hayley, a 27-year-old HR officer, at one of his facilities and the couple now live together with their beloved dog, Luna.

What have they said about being on Hunted?

They are confident about their partnership on the show, citing their strong communication as one of the reasons why they "never ever argue".

"I’m extremely self-driven, wanting to do everything at once and a hundred miles an hour all the time," Dan says. "Hayley on the other hand is a lot more chilled and relaxed, she never gets stressed, so she helps me to calm down and think before making rash decisions. We complement each other very very well."

Hayley and Dan plan to take refuge in their home territory of northwest England, where they have the most local knowledge and contacts.

Hayley adds: "We believe that staying within the north will be an advantage as we are familiar with it plus people may help us more once they hear our friendly Wigan accents! Ultimately going off grid for as long as possible is key to keeping under the radar."

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What would Hayley and Daniel use the prize money for?

Both are agreed that they would need a holiday if they made it through the ordeal, with Hayley's destination of choice being the Maldives.

Beyond that, the money will help them save for their future together, something which isn't very easy for Dan as a small business owner.

Jess Warr and Ella Tomkins

Who are Jess and Ella? After attending the same school for years, Jess and Ella became childhood sweethearts at age 15 when they got talking over spin-the-bottle at a house party.

They have been together ever since and now feel ready to tackle the intense stress of Channel 4's Hunted as a team.

What have they said about being on Hunted?

"We have been together for eight years, so we know our relationship is strong, but we do bicker… a lot. I think keeping our cool under the pressure of Hunted and not letting that affect us could be a real challenge," says Jess, a 23-year-old Independent Financial Adviser.

Partner Ella, 22, is a charity researcher who hopes her time on Hunted can raise awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

She said: "My personal motivation was to show the world that ADHD has positive qualities despite the bad press it regularly receives and use my ADHD to my advantage i.e. my ability to manage pressure no matter the stakes – could be very handy for Hunted!"

What would they use the prize money for? Jess and Ella want to use the £100,000 prize money to put a deposit down on a house and move in together.

Frankie Greenidge and Daniel Edwards

Who are Frankie and Daniel? Frankie and Daniel are close friends going on the run together, which is risky as they often find themselves bickering.

Frankie is a full-time foster carer and also works as a contact supervisor for children in care, while Dan is a former graphic designer who set up a landscape gardening business after his mother died.

What have they said about being on Hunted?

Frankie and Daniel are both adamant that they are going to fall out over the course of the show, but it's not a major concern for them. "We’ll get over it though – we normally do," Frankie says.

They have watched previous series of Hunted together and noticed that "going rural" seems to be a good strategy, but this could prove too much an adjustment from their lives in the city.

Frankie says: "I don’t know if I could cope without my luxuries, and deal with the mud, the cold and bugs."

"Staying away from cameras and public transport is a must. We have a wide range of family and friends up and down the country and if we can use their friends and friends of their friends, then the hunters won’t stand a chance," added Daniel.

What would they do with the prize money?

For Frankie, the money would buy a house with a bigger garden so that her son can practice his football skills easier, while Dan would like to pay off some debts and donate to a cancer charity in memory of his late mother.

"The money isn’t a major factor, I’ve always said ‘Memories over Money’ (M.O.M). This experience is something money can’t buy," he explains.

Mervyn 'Titch' Little

Who is Mervyn 'Titch' Little? At the age of 78, Titch is Hunted's oldest ever contestant but he has enough life experience to rival the hunters themselves.

Beginning his career in Portsmouth's police force, he later joined the military and served for 24 years, working up from private soldier to Major in the intelligence corps.

When he left the military, Titch specialised in IT and computer sciences, giving him a wealth of knowledge to draw from which could prove useful on Hunted.

What has Titch said about being on Hunted?

"I want to accept a challenge and prove that 'old' people are not necessarily just waiting to die," he says. "Starting with absolutely nothing is all part of the challenge. It will mean relying on my wits, personality, (that’s a bit daunting) and luck. Fortunately, I hope I have enough of the first and third to compensate for any lack of the second!"

Titch is confident about his chances on the show, saying that his time in the Army has given him "self-confidence, experience of escape and evasion and self-sufficiency."

Good luck, hunters...

Antonia 'Toni' Pugh-Thomas

Who is Antonia 'Toni' Pugh-Thomas? Toni is an haute-couturier, someone who makes custom high-end dresses and clothing for wealthy clients such as Princess Margaret.

What has Toni said about being on Hunted?

She's going it alone in series five of Hunted, which she believes will offer her a much-needed break from the demands of her job, three children and eight animals.

"I get so bored of matching socks, cooking pasta and searching for lost homework in between holding down an extremely demanding and full-time job and could really do with some time off," she says.

An accomplished walker and cyclist, Toni intends to rely on people to help her get around rather than her mobile phone.

"I’m terrible with technology and struggle to make my phone work on the most basic level so will be relying on speaking to people in order to get on. I really like people and hope that they will warm to me and help me," Toni explains.

She added: "I certainly have the mental determination to get to the end but as I had a complete hysterectomy only five months ago as a result of a major health issue, I worry that I may run out of steam physically."

What would Toni use the prize money for?

"I am trying to set up a community farm in West London and I have an architectural plan, a feasibility study and a business plan in place. What I don’t have is money and so that is why I am doing Hunted. All my winnings will be donated to West London Farm," she says.

Rob Ellington and Ben Arrowsmith

Who are Rob and Ben? Rob and Ben are best friends who met playing football together as teens for Winnersh Rangers, based in Wokingham.

These days, Rob compiles social media content for football fans and Ben is working for a pensions firm, but aims to retrain as a plumber soon.

What have they said about being on Hunted?

Having both struggled at school, Rob and Ben are keen to show what they're capable of and evade the hunters in ways that have "never been seen before".

"It might sound a bit daft but the most important thing for me is that at the end of our time on the run, our friendship is stronger than it was before! I’d be devastated if we fell out because I adore that boy," Rob says about his fellow fugitive.

They expect support along the way from members of the Christadelphian community that Rob is part of and football fans as both are avid followers of the sport.

Rob and Ben plan to conserve their physical and mental energy, as well as keeping quiet about where they're headed next.

"I don’t want to give too much away... but I will keep moving, regularly change direction, avoid obvious means of communication and try not to contact my family and girlfriend," Ben added.

What would they use the prize money for? Ben would put his share of the £100,000 into building his career and finding a new home with his girlfriend, while Rob would train as a football coach and volunteer training children in Africa.


Hunted airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday 13th February