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Exclusive – Gyles Brandreth and Maureen Lipman give their take on The Bad Skin Clinic in first look at Celebrity Gogglebox

The doctors on Really's factual series don't give him much confidence.

Celebrity Gogglebox
Published: Friday, 11th June 2021 at 7:00 am

Celebrity Gogglebox fans will be settling down for another episode tomorrow night and has an exclusive first look from one of the show's most popular duos.


Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth and actress Maureen Lipman have teamed up to commentate on television's biggest shows for the past two series, providing some highly memorable reactions in that time.

That continues this week as the two tune into Really's factual series The Bad Skin Clinic but Gyles takes issue with the manner in which the patients are looked after.

He asserts that he would always prefer a more professional doctor, rather than someone who revels in whichever issue is being examined.

Brandreth says: "I want a doctor who's a caring, sensitive doctor, not somebody who's saying: 'Ooh look, you've got terrible skin, whoopee! Ooh, all those pustules – I love them – squirting everywhere, let's enjoy!'"

"But you also want a doctor who's very enthused by their subject, which she is," counters Lipman, referring to the professional featured on the programme.

"Yes, but I want them to come in and say: 'I see why you're worried about your skin, I think I can do something about this," adds Brandreth.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing for Lipman since joining Celebrity Gogglebox, as the Coronation Street star revealed to Radio Times that she walked out of a screening of Channel 4's edgy dating show Naked Atraction.

"They’re not really interested in our opinions on what they’re giving us," she said. “I’d seen Gogglebox and I thought: ‘Oh, [ours] is the grown-up version, is it? I’m going to go on, and make a lot of comment now about the oeuvre and ‘I did like his first trilogy, but then I felt in some ways that perhaps over the years…’

"But it’s your reaction to 12 dangling willies they want. “They’re searching for ways to make me go: ‘Urgh!’ So I thought: ‘Well, actually, no, life is too short to watch a series of hopeless men dangle their bits and pieces in my direction. So I’m going.'"


Celebrity Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday 11th June. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide. Visit out Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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