CBB viewers brand Jermaine Pennant the “ultimate snake”

Fans have called out the married footballer for trying to pass off his flirting with Chloe Ayling as "banter"

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Jermaine Pennant may have avoided eviction on Tuesday night, but the footballer is earning no fans outside of the house.


In fact, viewers have branded Pennant the “ultimate snake” after he spent days flirting and sharing a bed with model Chloe Ayling – despite having a wife of three years at home.

And viewers were made angrier when Jermaine said notes that he slipped to Chloe – which the model revealed said “I like you” from “day one” – were only “banter”.

However, despite appearing to enjoy Jermaine’s affections inside the house, Chloe turned on him after she became the second housemate evicted.

During her exit interview, the model was left shocked after Emma Willis revealed Jermaine was married to model Alice Goodwin and did not simply have a girlfriend, as Chloe claimed to believe.

“Just before I left he asked me to play it down and we’ll talk on the outside… To be married then go and crack on with someone on TV with your wife watching is disgusting,” Chloe said. “I just want to apologise for doing that, but I had to accept what he told me and that’s all I could really do.”

Some thought Chloe was still in the wrong for trying to get with a man who she knew had a partner…

…but most couldn’t help feeling sorry for her after seeing her reaction to the news…

However, it looks like Chloe might have a chance to confront Jermaine about his marriage very soon – let’s just say that if he’s not immune for the next eviction, the public might not be voting to save him…


Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight on Channel 5

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