Celebrity Big Brother presenter Rylan says housemates should be shown Roxanne and Ryan ‘punching’ footage

Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal said he would "get in trouble" for airing his views about the controversy surrounding the Channel 5 series

CBB presenters

Rylan Clark-Neal has urged Celebrity Big Brother producers to show the housemates footage of the moment Roxanne Pallett claims Ryan Thomas ‘punched’ her.


The Bit on the Side presenter said that even though he expected to “get in trouble” for airing his views, he hoped that Channel 5 would allow contestants to see the video in order to clear up the controversy that has surrounded the show in recent days.

“I’m gonna get in trouble for this, I’m all for no interfering no outside contact etc,” Rylan tweeted following Saturday’s episode. “BUT SHOW THE HOUSEMATES THE FOOTAGE. There I’ve said it. Praying they will.”

Roxanne had accused Ryan of punching her during what appeared to be play fighting between the pair.

At the time she appeared to laugh it off, but later she demanded to speak with CBB producers, saying, “A boy has punched me repeatedly, unprovoked and deliberately punched me. Like a boxer punches a bag.”

Ryan was given a formal warning by Big Brother, although viewers were quick to defend him, saying that Roxanne had overreacted and made a false accusation against the Coronation Street star.

Since the incident, Channel 5 has confirmed that Roxanne has left the show.

Ryan meanwhile has been shown returning to the Diary Room in tears, saying, “I didn’t do anything! I don’t understand how she can do this. I don’t understand it.”

The scene left Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side presenter Rylan urging producers to show housemates the footage of the incident, after earlier tweeting that he had “never been more uncomfortable watching an episode”.

The housemates however had already begun to question Roxanne’s version of events, with Sally saying, “I think if there had been violence in here, they would have come in, the person would have been removed immediately.”

Ryan’s brother Scott also tweeted after Saturday’s show that the episode was “heartbreaking to watch”.


Celebrity Big Brother continues every night on Channel 5.