Name: Jeremy Jackson


Age: 34

Twitter: @_JeremyJackson_

Famous, why? For being the Hoff's son in Baywatch

Bio: Red shorts at the ready, Jeremy Jackson is none other than Baywatch lifeguard Hobie Buchannon, having played David Hasselhoff’s onscreen son for most of the 90s (that's a whole lot of slow-motion running). Jackson eventually left the show, admitting during an interview with E! that he had a severe drug addiction.

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Those shorts are destined for an airing in the CBB house however, with Jackson saying, “I wore them already. They demanded it. I may or may not have humped the camera lens. I may or may not have turned it into a G-string. I can’t remember!”

Jackson’s taken on a smattering of other TV and film roles since his time in the water, as well as lending his voice to a character in the video game Metal Gear Solid.

He’s a man of many talents it seems, turning his hand to fashion – producing 200 fashion shows in 15 countries for the brand Ed Hardy – as well as winning multiple gold medals in jujitsu. “I pretty much crush everything I touch. I am committed,” says Jackson.

He's even musical, and hopes to get the housemates humming a merry tune: “I was thinking maybe we should all write a song in there.”

Whether it’ll top last year’s I'm A Celebrity-based 'Jungle Rap' with broadcaster Michael Buerk remains to be seen…

Then... as Hobie in Baywatch


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