That lot over at Channel 5 have pulled their socks up for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother and bagged a bunch of argumentative, opinionated and surprisingly well known celebrities for our nightly entertainment. Bravo!


We've got a controversial rap star, a contentious comedian and an outspoken journalist. A glamour model, a serial celebrity dater and an iconic British TV personality. Plus a member of a boy band, a seventies pop star and a famous heavy weight boxing champion.

But you know it wouldn't be Celebrity Big Brother without a couple of contestants from the reality TV circuit, so the C5 show is opening its arms to a much-loved member of Made in Chelsea, a tabloid darling from TOWIE and a former Apprentice contestant, too.

So who are they? Let's meet those contestants...

Casey Batchelor

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The two big ones – yes, Zoo and Nuts – have both featured Casey Bachelor, who was also named Miss Maxim back in 2006. So what should CBB viewers be looking out for from the glamour model? “I reckon I'm the only girl I know who still shows cleavage wearing a roll-neck jumper!” says Casey. We don’t know about you but we’re confused…


Tulisa's NDubz chum Dappy is known for courting controversy, he's certainly got a temper on him and has had his fair share of run ins with the law, too. Whether he'll be on his best behaviour remains to be seen. If nothing else, expect plenty of eye-catching headwear.

Jim Davidson

Since his presenting heyday, Davidson has had something of a tumultuous personal life, with four failed marriages, two stints in rehab and a declaration of bankruptcy in 2006. The outspoken comedian has also opened up about being an alcoholic and a sex addict in the past - and declared that he "can't bear" fat women. Conversation around the dinner table is sure to be lively then!

Ollie Locke

Former Made in Chelsea cast member and "professional partier" Ollie is swapping the polished pavements of Chelsea for a stint slumming it in the BB house. The flamboyant dresser is known for his luscious lock(e)s, dramatic facial expressions and penchant for awkward pauses... Which might just come in useful.

Sam Faiers

Vajazzle fan and former on-off squeeze of Joey Essex, Sam Faiers found herself in the limelight as one of the original stars of hit reality show The Only Way is Essex. The newly single boutique-owner is following in the footsteps of TOWIE's Amy Childs, who came fourth in CBB 2011. Only time will tell if she'll fare so well.

Lee Ryan

Clearly a stint on ITV2's The Big Reunion and a recent UK tour weren't enough to keep Blue's Lee Ryan entertained. The mischievous member of boy band Blue is surely keen to add a CBB win to his accolades. But will the pop band's former fans All Rise to support him?

Lionel Blair

Star of screen and stage, Lionel Blair is probably best known for TV game shows Name That Tune and Give Us A Clue. The smiley, veteran celebrity is also a talented dancer who surely has many a tale to tell of his time working with The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Peter Sellers. Wonder if those names will mean anything to the younger housemates...

Liz Jones

British journalist Liz Jones is not one to bite her tongue. The former editor of Marie Claire is now an often controversial and always argumentative columnist for the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. She's been described by mild-mannered Phillip Schofield as "inconsistent, bitter, nasty and unhinged." Sounds like the perfect CBB contestant to us...

Linda Nolan

The naughty Nolan sister - so called because of her risque photo shoots - found fame alongside her siblings in seventies girl band The Nolans and has since gone on to star in the West End. Linda battled breast cancer in 2006, like her sister Bernie, who passed away in July last year.

Luisa Zissman

The Apprentice's Luisa infamously described herself as having the energy of a Duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein. (Note modesty is not listed among her strong points.) The confident and candid cake shop owner lost out to this year's Apprentice winner Leah Totton, saying: "Lord Sugar is the first man to ever say no to me."

Evander Holyfield

Four-time world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic bronze medalist Evander Holyfield is often referred to as The Real Deal Evander and famously lost part of his ear to Mike Tyson in 1997. A word of warning, housemates: avoid picking a fight with this one.

Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine might have appeared in films and TV shows such as Pledge This and Rules of Engagement, but it's the men she's dated who have really made her name. Waltz counts Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Chris Pine and a then-married David Arquette among her exes. So Celebrity Big Brother seems like a logical place to find herself a new famous friend...


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