Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Danielle Marr

The celebrity botox doctor may be able to dish a few secrets on who’s been to visit her. Well, actually, she probably can’t. Instead, here’s some more info on the woman behind the botox…

Name: Danielle Marr


Age: Er, hello? Botox. It’s a secret.

Famous, why?: Celebrity Botox Doctor and clinical director of DermaFace Clinic.

Bio: Arriving on the scene in reality show Dublin Wives, Danielle is most famous for botoxing the stars. We’d love to tell you who, but Danielle wouldn’t be too pleased and neither would the stars. But anyway, that’s how she spends her days, administering all the injections herself.

Danielle was most notable among the Dublin wives for her strong wills, stronger opinions and quick one-liners. It’s safe to say she wasn’t always that popular with the other wives.

Well, we say other wives. Ironically Danielle was single during the show, but the blonde beauty hoped to change that – ideally with an international rugby player.

Some of Danielle’s best lines include, “I am definitely more PHD than GHD” and “I’m pretty unemployable as I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else.”

If you want more from Danielle, she posts videos of her own spin-off show Dr Danielle’s Diaries on the internet, which are more regularly referred to as the Diary of a Botox B****.

Then and now…

Then… on Dublin Wives

Now… Diary of a Botox B****