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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Abz Love

All you need to know about the life and times of the former boy band star, complete with video evidence

Published: Thursday, 22nd August 2013 at 8:49 pm

Name: Abz Love


Age: 34

Famous, why?: Member of boy band 5ive

Bio: Nineties pop fans will remember Abz as the washboard-stomached one-fifth of Simon Cowell’s boy band creation 5ive, who scored hits with If Ya Getting’ Down, Keep On Movin’ and a cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You.

When 5ive went their (five) separate ways, Abz went solo, scoring three top ten singles from his 2003 album Abstract Theory (Ab-stract. Geddit?)

But all that success led to some not uncommon pop-star problems, with Abz admitting he'd probably ovderdone things a wee bit: "I had weed hanging out of my mouth and cocaine all over me. I had 25 watches to choose from, I had so many diamonds rolling around my wrist that you couldn't even tell what the time was. It was pathetic."

Abz has since found love, and credits his girlfriend Vicky with saving his life: “I had therapy for a bit but it didn’t really work. The only way I got through it was because of my girlfriend. She gave me a reason to live. Every day is a bonus now. I thought I knew it all and I was wrapped up in a superficial world – but she’s shown me there’s more to life.”

Abz was last seen on our screens earlier this year in 90s pop revival show The Big Reunion but he's eschewed the pop star lifestyle, now living on a farm with his four dogs, four chickens and two horses. Oh, and his wife, Vicky.

And in case you were wondering, Richard Abidin Breen officially changed his name to Abz Love in 2008, based on the following dubious logic: “I got a bit annoyed of everyone referencing the six-pack”.

Then and now:

Then... Ultimate 5ive Megamix

Now... Celebrity Mr and Mrs



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