Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Frankie Cocozza

Lock up your female housemates, it's former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza...

Name: Frankie Cocozza


Age: 18

Famous for: X Factor wild child

Bio: The 2011 X Factor contestant failed to impress the judges with his singing, courted controversy by swearing live on air, and was finally kicked off the show for breaking one of the Golden Rules, thought to be his boast that he’d been taking cocaine.

Frankie’s since been a tabloid favourite, beloved for his many boozy nights out and apparent womanising ways. Heaven help the female housemates – as Gary Barlow once said, “Lock up your daughters, it’s Frankie Cocozza…”

Twitter: @FrankieCocozza

Here’s a bit of background on Frankie and his X Factor performance of Coldplay’s The Scientist…


And here’s the video that comes top when you type his name into YouTube. We kid you not…