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Catfish UK release date | Hosts, trailers, and news

Everything you need to know about the UK series of Catfish.

Catfish UK
Published: Tuesday, 20th April 2021 at 5:32 pm

Catfish USA presenters Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford have handed over their cameras to journalists Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler for the brand-new UK series of Catfish.


Together they will uncover secrets, lies and deception as they help love-struck individuals discover the identity of online partners they have never met.

So, when does it start? And what can we expect?

Here's everything you need to know as Catfish UK kicks off on MTV.

Catfish UK release date

Catfish UK airs on Wednesday 21st April at 9pm on MTV.

The series will have four hour-long episodes in total, airing weekly on Wednesdays.

A further six episodes will air later this year.

Who are the Catfish UK presenters?

Catfish UK is presented by Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler.

Julie Adenuga

Catfish UK presenter Julie Adenuga
Catfish UK presenter Julie Adenuga MTV

Age: 32

Job: Radio host, broadcaster and DJ

Instagram: @julieadenuga

Twitter: @JulieAdenuga 

Julie Adenuga is a British Nigerian media personality, who is best known as the former London headline host of Beats 1 radio, and more recently the founder of creative media house Don’t Trust The Internet, where she hosts music show Julie’s Top Five. She is the sister of grime artists Skepta and Jme, and is one half of the Catfish UK presenting duo.

Oobah Butler

Catfish UK presenter Oobah Butler
Catfish UK presenter Oobah Butler MTV

Age: 29

Job: Author, journalist, filmmaker

Instagram: @oobahs

Twitter: @Oobahs

Oobah Butler is an English writer and filmmaker who knows a bit about ‘catfishing’ himself - as the creator of fictional restaurant The Shed at Dulwich, which became London’s top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. His subsequent documentary, How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant, shows just how powerful the internet can be in convincing others of an alternative reality. He joins Julie as the other half of the dynamic, Catfish-busting duo. 

What can viewers expect from the UK series of Catfish?

Julie and Oobah will travel across the country in a bid to decipher fact from fiction as they meet individuals who are emotionally entangled with internet strangers they have yet to meet.

In the first episode, Julie and Oobah visit Brighton to meet Emma, who has been chatting to Harlin for a year after meeting on a dating app. The pair have enjoyed a video call, and he has even told her that he loves her. However, as he is deployed in the navy, he usually has an excuse as to why they can't meet. Recently, Emma has been hearing less and less from him, and has grown suspicious. Enter Julia and Oobah to discover if Harlin truly is who he claims to be.

Is there a trailer?

MTV released a trailer for the first series of Catfish UK earlier in April.

In the clip, beloved creator and presenter of Catfish USA Nev Schulman tells the audience, “It’s time to go fishing in the UK.”

“Who would have thought that we would find something crazier than the Americans?” wonders Julie Adenuga.

You can watch it below.


Catfish UK starts on MTV on Wednesday, 21st April at 9pm. To find out what else is on TV, check out our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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