Big Brother presenter Emma Willis: The house is designed to be uncomfortable

With Power Trip as the theme, the presenter doesn't think this year's housemates should get too relaxed...

With tasks, emotional toils and all those cameras, we all know going on Big Brother is not quite akin to a long summer holiday.


But BB presenter Emma Willis reckons this year the housemates will be even more uneasy than usual.

“[The house is] designed to be uncomfortable from the beginning,” says Willis, “which I think sets the tone for how the series is going to be.”

“You can’t utterly relax,” she continues. “And the theme Power Trip… I wouldn’t relax too much.”

Only time will tell, but it would seem that part of what will be making the housemates so uncomfortable is how tech-heavy this year’s abode is. You’re never more than a couple of metres away from an interactive screen.

“It’s digital and we live in a digital world very much now,” says Willis of this year’s house. “We’ve seen sprinklings over the last few series of them getting a certain amount of information from the outside world – very monitored and very much to cause a situation or a reaction to that.”

“If I were coming in here and I saw that it was quite digital I would think, ‘S***, they’re going to really mess with us.”


Big Brother: Power Trip Live Launch is on tonight and tomorrow at 9:00pm on Channel 5