You wouldn't think a series about yacht crew members and their discerning guests would be as compelling to watch as it is but here we are with Below Deck, the Bravo reality show 10 seasons deep with multiple spin-off series.


The American series first premiered back in 2013 but with its more recent releases on Hayu, E4 and Netflix, more and more fans are discovering the oceanside wonders of the show for themselves.

The premise is simple: we follow the "yachties" as they work either as "stews" (stewards or stewardesses) and deck hands, with one chef, a chief stew and usually one bosun or first officer leading the team on the outside. Of course, there's also the captain of the yacht with Captain Lee Rosbach being the main face of the original series, having been the recurring captain for all seasons of Below Deck.

With Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck: Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Adventure all being successful spin-offs (and taking us to other corners of the globe for more international debacles), there's never been a better time to get stuck into the series. But where to start?

Read on for everything you need to know about how to watch Below Deck in order.

Below Deck release order

Whether you want to watch the original series in full before tackling the spin-offs or prefer your Sailing Yacht or Mediterranean over them all, below is the full list of Below Deck series in the order they were released in.

1. Below Deck - season 1 (2013)

2. Below Deck - season 2 (2014)

3. Below Deck - season 3 (2015)

4. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 1 (2016)

5. Below Deck - season 4 (2016)

6. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 2 (2017)

7. Below Deck - season 5 (2017)

8. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 3 (2018)

9. Below Deck - season 6 (2018)

10. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 4 (2019)

11. Below Deck - season 7 (2019)

12. Below Deck Sailing Yacht - season 1 (2020)

13. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 5 (2020)

14. Below Deck - season 8 (2020)

15. Below Deck Sailing Yacht - season 2 (2021)

16. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 6 (2021)

17. Below Deck - season 9 (2021)

18. Below Deck Sailing Yacht - season 3 (2022)

19. Below Deck Down Under - season 1 (2022)

20. Below Deck Mediterranean - season 7 (2022)

21. Below Deck Adventure - season 1 (2022)

22. Below Deck - season 10 (2023)

23. Below Deck Sailing Yacht - season 4 (2023)

How to watch Below Deck in chronological order

It may seem like a mammoth task to get through each of the Below Deck series but something tells us that once you get to grips with the chaos, drama and comedy of the show, you'll blitz through the spin-offs in no time at all.

As for where to watch Below Deck, if you want to stream all the series in full then you can do so easily over on Hayu, which you can get on Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV for the same price, £4.99 per month, and it gets added on top of your pre-existing subscription.

Hayu offers a seven-day free trial so you can make sure you're actually going to watch the shows before signing up to the streaming service. Sign up for Hayu's 7-day free trial.

For Amazon Prime Video subscribers, you can get your hands on a free week of Hayu before paying £4.99 per month. Sign up for Hayu's 7-day free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

Below Deck is available to stream partly over on Netflix but only certain seasons and shows are available to watch. You can stream Below Deck seasons 5 and 6 on Netflix as well as the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

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UK viewers of the show are also in luck as Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht have been airing on E4 with many of the episodes available to watch back on All4.

Below Deck

Captain Lee in Below Deck
BELOW DECK season 10: Captain Lee Rosbach Laurent Basset/Bravo

The original series sees Captain Harold Lee Rosbach, known as Captain Lee, at the helm. He's the fierce and indomitable presence that has become the initially hard-nosed character that many fans will know is caring and funny once you get over the intimidating façade.

Having spent more than three years in the yachting industry, Captain Lee is arguably the face of the original series and while his future on the series remains uncertain amid rumours Bravo didn't ask him back for season 11, he is the sarcastic, good natured face that makes the original so fun to watch. With a changing crew of deck hands and stews, they travel to some of the world's most beautiful locations including St Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and Thailand providing the perfect backdrop for the chaos that always ensues with the yacht's power hungry guests.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Med - Captain Sandy
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN season 7: Captain Sandy Yawn Laurent Basset/Bravo

A bit closer to home for UK viewers, Below Deck Med sees Captain Sandy Yawn take charge, with Captain Mark Howard being at the helm for the first season. The charter season takes place in sun lit locations like Greece, Croatia, France, Spain and Malta with Captain Sandy inspiring her crew to get their hands dirty, as she often does herself.

If you go an episode without hearing the phrase "just get all the water toys out", you'll know that Sandy wasn't having a good day but with needy guests always wanting attention and the best summer holiday ever, the interior and exterior crews are pushed to their limits. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Sandy is also often championing for more women to get involved in the deckhand and captain route.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - Captain Glenn
BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT: Captain Glenn Shephard Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Unlike the other series, Sailing Yacht changes up the actual boat that the series takes place in and sees us set sail on the stunning Parsifall III. The beloved Glenn Shephard is the captain of the yacht and has been on that very yacht for 13 years. No high-end guest is too fussy for Glenn who enjoys nothing more than letting Parsifal III show off in the water and glide through the sea.

But with a smaller boat intended for sailing that can dip and swerve at completely awe inspiring angles, it often spells trouble for the interiors team that often have to rush and lock away items – or suffer the consequences of items crashing and breaking. It's always a little chaotic but it wouldn't be a Below Deck series if it wasn't.

Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under - Captain Jason
BELOW DECK DOWN UNDER: Captain Jason Champers Laurent Basset/Peacock/NBC

Although there's only season of Down Under, it's safe to say that the series has gone down a treat with viewers who are anticipating season 2, which is slated to come to screens soon.

This series follows Captain Jason Chambers and one of the series' most beloved stewardesses, who returns as Chief Stew, Aesha Scott. Although she starred in Below Deck Med for seasons 4 and 5, the New Zealand native returns with another stripe on her lapel as their 150-foot-plus superyacht charters around Australia. Be prepared for some epic scenes of deep water diving, the Great Barrier Reef, crocodile safaris and crew conflict, of course.

Below Deck Adventure

Captain Kerry in Below Deck Adventure
BELOW DECK ADVENTURE season 1: Captain Kerry Titheradge Vincent Cerone/Bravo

The fourth spin-off of Below Deck sees the familiar format take to stunning fjords of Norway for sights unlike any seen in the other series. We take sail in luxury yacht Mercury and as well as discerning guests to deal with, the crew presents its fair share of squabbles and in-fighting themselves.

But the main point of the series is adventure after all so be prepared for parasailing, mountain biking, cave exploring and much more in this adventure-laced spin-off. We also get to meet a new captain in the series, Captain Kerry Titheradge who has been on boats for about 30 years, and on yachts specifically for about two decades.

Below Deck is available to stream on Hayu via Prime Video and NOW. Sign up for Hayu's 7-day free trial

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