Bake Off stars Julia and Yan took a road trip to see Flo and viewers loved their Carpool Karaoke

The Great British Bake Off fans were delighted to see this friendship grow outside the tent

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Bake Off stars Julia, Yan and Flo made all our hearts melt like butter left out in a tent on a hot summer’s day. Ok, so none of them made it to the final – but they’re all winners to us after filming an amazing Carpool Karaoke together.


The “where are they now” bit at the end of the finale episode revealed that Julia Chernogorova and Chuen-Yan had been on a road trip to Liverpool to visit Flo Atkins, where they sang along to The Proclaimers song 500 Miles while using baking implements as microphones. It was glorious.

In fact, Flo first shared the video back in September when her new young friends came to visit her but even if you’ve already seen it there is no way in which it is not worth watching again.

The amateur baker was persuaded to apply for the Bake Off after losing her husband – her children thought it would help her through her grief. And now look at her! She’s singing into a rolling pin!

In fact, it put some people in mind of last year’s favourite Val Stones and her road trip to Aiya Napa…


Sadly we never got to see Val on her adventures… but should Channel 4 commission a Julia/Yan/Flo road trip series? Bake Off fans are keen!