Ashley explains exactly what happened in the toilet with Ginuwine on Celebrity Big Brother


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Ashley and Ginuwine

When Ashley James and Ginuwine pulled that classic Big Brother move of going into the toilet, turning on the taps and taking their microphones off, we thought we’d never find out just what had happened between them.


But now we know. Well, sort of.

Ashley confirmed to housemates Andrew Brady and Shane Jenek that her and Ginuwine shared a kiss in the bog – although it was more a peck and not a full-on snog.

Ashley even said that she made both herself and Ginuwine put their hands in the air as they spoke so there “wasn’t any kind of did they / didn’t they scandal”. She does know we can’t see them in there, right?

Anyway, Ashley then went on to explain how her and ‘G’ talked “without using words” before demonstrating with some gesticulating.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Ashley and Ginuwine
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Ashley and Ginuwine talk in the toilet (PicSelect / C5)

It’s as clear as mud to us, but obviously their conversation via hand gestures did enough to patch things up between them as Ashley literally skipped out of the toilet and all seemed well again.

The pair – who have been the subject of a will they / won’t they romance for most of their time in the house – had fallen out after Ginuwine seemingly implied that they were going to get it on one night, while gesturing in the general direction of Ashley’s bootie.

But things are firmly back on with the pair, as Ashley tellingly confirmed to Andrew there’s been “no French kissing… yet”.


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