Anthea Turner expelled from Dancing on Ice in school disco week

Dubbed a “cheap champagne on ice” Anthea Turner loses skate-off to Keith Chegwin in week four

TV personality Anthea Turner and partner Andy Buchanan are the latest pair to be voted out of Dancing on Ice after losing the skate-off to Keith Chegwin.


Both celebs had been in the bottom two before so this wasn’t new territory for either and meant they had to come up with a new save-me performance. Keith immediately got some cool points for skating to Rihanna’s hit song Disturbia, while Anthea was perhaps tempting fate by wearing one of Pamela Anderson’s cast-off dresses which, admit it, had us all looking at her breasts. Even Phillip Schofield couldn’t help asking, “Is it all you in there?”

But it’s the votes that count and, for the first time in the series, head judge Robin Cousins’s did, after Ashley Roberts plumped for Anthea while Karen Barber and Jason Gardiner went for Keith. But while Robin said Anthea looked “divine”, his vote was for Keith who he said skated “divinely” (this is, after all, Dancing on Ice, not Posing on Ice). 

It certainly wasn’t all divine amongst the judges though, as school disco week meant detention for Jason after swotty Karen told tales on him to presenters Phillip and Christine Bleakley. Wailing that it was “my time to speak” after Jason interrupted her dissection of Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle, Karen ramped up their on and off screen feud with a waspish, “How much time does he need to speak?” Playing the part of the teacher well, Phillip told Jason to “try and stick to your slot if possible”, leaving a smug Karen to settle back into her seat – yawn…

Jason of course hadn’t exactly sat there twiddling his thumbs before earning another face-off with Karen. Having made a dig at her, Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill’s choreography skills, he went on to tell Beth that he’d thought this would be the week she’d take the opportunity to show she was fun, before promptly proving (according to Jason) that she isn’t fun at all. As the judges, Jayne and Chris leapt to Beth’s defence, interestingly Beth’s pro-skater partner Dan Whiston was quick to dive in and say he couldn’t wait to get to know “sexy Beth”. Er, easy there tiger, everyone else is just looking for some fun.

The battle to be top skating dog continued between buddies Gareth Thomas and Matt Lapinskas – with no worries of any competition from Joe Pasquale after Ashley told him, in somewhat of a Jason manner, that his arabesques looked more like a dog trying to do a wee.

For Matt and Gareth, both were dealing with different injuries amongst their teams – Matt’s partner Brianne Delcourt has a fractured coccyx, and Gareth, well, he was struggling with his jeans being that bit too tight. Yes, we could see that all the way from here Gareth. Even Phillip joked there were more than likely “health and safety issues” in the trouser department. Ashley, though, did seem to enjoy both boys’ performances saying, “I don’t know what you guys are drinking out the back but good job honey, let’s go!”

Matt did get a bit of a ticking off from Jason for being predictable, while Keith Chegwin wowed in his first skate with a sensual (yes, seriously, sensual) performance to Michael Jackson’s I’ll Be There.

Anthea had already earned herself an F for effort in her original performance, as the protective bubble around her finally burst after Jason branded her a “cheap bottle of champagne on ice” for her super cheesy performance to Donny Osmond’s Puppy Love. As X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger would say, “Honey, we could do with a little burger with that cheese.” Truly. And as Robin pointed out, Anthea didn’t do one move without the help of skating partner Andy, with Joe even managing to do his own lifts.

The contestants upped the ante in the opening of the show with the first ever celeb-only performance – Jayne and Chris really are cooling their heels this year, huh?! – but it was Corrie star Samia Ghadie who everyone was waiting for, with a planned ‘headbanger’ in her routine, legendary for nearly decapitating several female stars over the years. Yet, while this was certainly one not to be missed, it was hard not to spend the latter half of the show in complete shock as Samia and Sylvain’s so-called ‘rumoured romance’ was basically laid out for us all to see.


After Sylvain’s parents turned up last week, it was time for Samia’s mum Patsy to make an appearance. Sharing pictures of Samia from when she was a school girl, Pasty said, “Now you know what you’re letting yourself in for Sylvain”. This was promptly followed by a smirking Jason’s comment, “There’s great chemistry between you. I wonder why…” We’ll keep an eye out for the wedding invite. Jason, er, you probably shouldn’t.